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Cessation Blues October 9, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Good Stuff.

smoking woman


FITSNews – October 9, 2007 – In case Sic Willie‘s mom happens to be reading this post, the FITS gals quit smoking like eight months ago, not last Sunday. Seriously, all of us. We promise.

Alright fine, it was last Sunday, d*mnit. And how the hell did our mothers end up reading this website???

Anyway, since we’ve been writing so much about health care lately, and since some dude with man cleavage challenged Sic to a 10K road race, the converted meth lab that is FITSNews world headquarters is proud to announce that it is now smoke-free.

Don’t get us wrong, we still strongly support smokers’ rights, and take it from us – anyone who tells you that smoking isn’t sexy is straight up lying to you. Smoking is incredibly sexy, people, especially if it’s accompanied by Hollywood actors, intricate plots, crisp dialogue and a little full-frontal nudity. Of course none of that changes the fact that it will kill you. Which we guess diminishes the sexiness just a tad.

UPDATE – If you’re looking to kick the habit, too, here’s a page with links to some helpful information.



1. Quit Smoking » Cessation Blues - October 9, 2007

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2. Dave VanHinkel - October 9, 2007

Nice rack.

Is that all she smokes?

3. E - October 9, 2007

Is that why you were attempting to bum ciggies on Friday?

4. Will Folks - October 9, 2007


And to think I was so sweet checking up on you later that evening to see if your day got any better.

And this the most unkindest cut of all …


5. K - October 9, 2007

Bumming cigarette’s on Friday Will? Hmmmmm…………

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