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Veepin’ It Up October 8, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

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FITSNews – October 8, 2007 – There was a point late last year when South Carolina politicians were tripping all over themselves to join the presidential bandwagons of U.S. Sen. John McCain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. At the time, McCain stood unrivaled as the institutional favorite for the GOP nomination, and Romney had pretty much backed a Wells Fargo truck up to the S.C. border and started doling out cash to anybody who would take it.

Yet S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford – one of McCain’s staunchest supporters in 2000 – was not among those politicians taking the early bait.

Not surprisingly, Sanford’s well-publicized “free agency” started a steady trickle of rumors that has intensified lately into a full-blown flood as the calendar marches inexorably toward South Carolina’s January 2008 primary. Many wondered, was our state’s photogenic governor (who has an equally photogenic family) angling for a possible No. 2 spot on a national ticket?

Early rumors pegged both Romney and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as the most likely “Sanford suitors” among the ’08 contenders, but in recent months sources have confirmed to FITSNews that it’s always been “Hizzoner or Bust” for the governor, or at least for the governor’s Washington D.C.-based political consultant, Jon Lerner.

A fixture in New York politics (albeit with a less-than-stellar record of success), Lerner has reportedly been courting Giuliani for months now, dangling the prospect of an eleventh hour Sanford endorsement as Rudy’s key to capturing the South Carolina primary … and eventually the GOP nomination.

Some sources even claim Sanford’s endorsement of Rudy (in exchange for the No. 2 spot on the ticket) is a done deal, and that all the early talk of the governor potentially ending up on a Romney ticket was just a smokescreen.

“Mark privately detests Romney,” said one Sanford confidant who spoke with FITSNews on the condition of anonymity. “But Lerner wanted it out there that Romney was an option because it strengthened his hand in negotiating with Rudy.”

Giuliani is currently running neck-and-neck with former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson in South Carolina. A recent Rasmussen poll had Thompson ahead by about four points, with both candidates well ahead of the rest of the pack.



1. SimpsonvilleGuy - October 8, 2007

Is Mark Sanford to be the next Dan Quayle?

Mark Sanford has benefited from the lack of an energetic or resourceful press in SC. But it seems impossible that a national press corps would be as lazy and easily diverted as our homegrown “newspaper ad sellers”.

A dozen stories, rightly reported, would bash our libertarian governor’s hopes of higher office…and his running mates too. Mark Sanford does not have Bill Clinton’s style or ability to persuade or charm on a level needed to hide his record of failure and ineffectiveness. He has made his mark in a one party, small and poor state without much oversight. On a larger stage, he will be fodder for those looking to report his lack of a record, and his complete inability to lead or to get along with others.

Rudy is a smart man. If he wants to be president, he can, and will, do better than Sanford.

2. Anonymous (a.k.a. Hugh Leatherman) - October 8, 2007

How can I help get him outta here!!!!!

3. redstateleader - October 8, 2007

Simpsonvilleguy is right…with national scrutiny, Sanford would fold like a cheap suit. I mean cmon, other than being photogenic what has this guy done to translate his philosophy (which I agree with) to a marketed plan of action that would resonate with the American people.

One of my real frustrations with Sanford is that he has done nothing in the market place of ideas to advance his agenda other than pull a few cheap media stunts to beat up on the legislature. If here were serious about his ideas, he would have reached out to fellow conservatives in the Legislature and led a “band of brothers” on conservative reform. Instead, Lerner’s polling numbers led him to paint a broad brush attack against the legislature.

it is clear–after having served under him for most of his tenure–that he only cares about advancing his image rather than his ideas.

Let me get off my soapbox for now.

4. Give Me FITS - October 8, 2007

Wait…that would mean Andre would be governor!?!?! Please, Mark, just say no.

5. Politics Rocks - October 8, 2007

Imagine Sanford in a VP debate against Joe Biden, or Edwards, or Richardson, heck …. even Kucinich. Tommy Moore whipped him a year ago in all of the debates, imagine Sanford having to go up against one of those guys?

6. Rhodes - October 8, 2007

I think most of us doubt seriously that our governor would occupy the VP slot in ’08 or anytime soon. I don’t really have any strong feelings about Sanford either way, but it seems that when a governor is so tepidly received by his own party in his homestate (which is arguably evidence of strong character for those who hate the nastiness of partisanism), what use would a national ticket have for him? He’s got his fans, but Mark Sanford as Vice President is a candidacy that nobody really asked for unless they’re a card-carrying member of his fan club (a group that is certainly not tiny, but not really huge either.) The guy’s got a few true believers, but there’s not exactly a groundswell of support for something like this. At the most it makes for interesting gossip in S.C. The “southern governor” thing always plays well, but Rudy G.’s going to need a more traditional conservative (religion on your sleeve kind of a dude) similar to Huckabee as #2 to offset his moderate image and get hardcore conservatives excited (or at least pick up some conservative cred.)

7. Lucy - October 8, 2007

The good ole boys will never get over the fact that Sanford is not interested in saluting nor becoming one of them. How many Sanford doubters/opponents have run against him only to loose and be forced to choose another career path. Guiliani and the Republican party would be well served by a VP candidate with principle. Sanford has proven himself to be a leader. His numbers lap those of our legislative body. He easily won the last election when Republican candidates across the country did not fare too well. Bringing pigs into the statehouse to highlight the pork nature of the legislature is the stuff of legand. Count Sanford out if you like but neither myself or the 55% that voted in the last election will.

8. baked - October 8, 2007

sanford may have an incredibly poor record advancing any type of agenda through the rat-infested statehouse…

but people (voters) like him…and support him. he’s got a quality that isn’t and can’t be manufactured that people generally like. not a lot of politicians can say that.

9. punish the monkey - October 8, 2007

Rhodes: “I don’t really have any strong feelings about Sanford either way, but it seems that when a governor is so tepidly received by his own party in his homestate (which is arguably evidence of strong character for those who hate the nastiness of partisanism), what use would a national ticket have for him?”

Uhhh, checked out Sanford’s fav-unfav ratings lately among likely GOP voters in recent races (Moore’s senate seat, Chellis’ house seat)? 89% fav is pretty strong, kids. Tepid? Sounds like someone’s drinking legislative kool-aid. Inside the Statehouse does not equal South Carolina, son.

10. Rhodes, the king of typos - October 8, 2007

Monkey and Lucy,
You’ve got to think about this in terms of presidential politics, not in terms of how much you like Sanford.
I’ve never had any connection with the statehouse, other than as a voter. This isn’t an anit-Sanford message, it’s just a prediction that he will not be the pick. I actually think some of his disagreements with the legislature were Sanford’s finer moments. He’s not a terrible governor, not loathed by the masses, but it takes more than “not disliked by most voters” to be the VP choice. Sanford wouldn’t really add anything to a Giuliani ticket – and that’s what the VP spot is about: balancing the ticket in order to win more voters.

The VP slot is typically offered to an individual for purposes of: 1) geographical strategy ( trying to win the VP candidate’s state which is a battleground state. SC is too red to make any difference in this department, Rudy doesn’t need to worry about winning SC) or 2) idealogical balance (put a maverick on the ticket with a traditional party man to attract moderates and still hold the base)

Sure, if the personality is impressive enough these factors might be ignored, but Sanford will never be praised or remembered quite like Carol Campbell (the Ronald Reagan of SCGOP politics) who was mentioned as a VP several times..

I really don’t have a horse in the race, it just doesn’t really make since that RG would pick him. Nothing personal against Sanford or those who fancy him. And as always, sorry for any typos or spelling errors…

11. mike reino - October 9, 2007

Useless info. Giuliani and Sanford both have the same birthday (May 28th), with Giuliani being 16 yrs. Sanford’s senior. That would give the Giuliani-Sanford pairing, based on the Chinese Horoscope a perfect match, Giuliani being a Monkey, and Sanford being a Rat. Huckabee is a Ram, which is not bad, but not nearly as good as Sanford. I got all this off of a placemat at Ming Wah restaurant.

12. realitycheck - October 9, 2007
13. SimpsonvilleGuy - October 9, 2007

It falls to this:
Mark Sanford has been successful with people that DO NOT know him, i.e. the voters. People that see him, complete with tan and repeating a conservative message, like him.
But people that know him, and have to deal with him in an effort to move the business of state forward, simply despise him. He is untrustworthy (repeatedly going back on the deals he cuts), arrogant, and merciless when it comes to making sure he profits from any situation even if it means South Carolina’s interests are set back.
He pulls it off because we simply lack any respectable press in this state. HUGE stories, and I mean HUGE, are simply ignored because they are complicated or expensive to cover. The national, liberal and aggressive press will eat the skeletons of the Sanford administration for breakfast.
PS…have you ever made a list of people that started out as Sanford allies, and now hate his guts? We started one last night at dinner, and stopped at 30! Truly…30 people, conservatives…good men and woman, that have now been double crossed or thrown to the wolves by Sanford and his gang. Will, you should start a public list…it is an interesting exercise.

14. C-dawg - October 9, 2007

What I want to know is how Sanford is profiting from any situation? Someone else has mentioned that on this blog previously…Inquiring minds…

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