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Rolling Stone On “No Surrender” October 5, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.



FITSNews – October 5, 2007 – Geez … how long has it been since we wrote an article about John McCain? You’d have thought that at this stage of the 2008 presidential campaign, the Arizona Senator would be a daily fixture on political websites like this one. Of course, the fact that he hasn’t been only underscores the main idea of this remarkably-incisive Rolling Stone article by journalist Matt Taibbi. An odd mix of praise, pity and predictible left-leaning derision, Taibbi’s article (set in South Carolina) eloquently echoes a point we made back in March regarding the “anchor” of McCain’s candidacy – his unwavering support for the War in Iraq:

The cruelest irony of the McCain campaign is that had Bush not invaded Iraq, we might be looking at the runaway favorite for the presidency. McCain always made more sense as a “centrist” candidate, acceptable to Republicans and at least somewhat tolerable (by comparison to other Republicans) to some Democrats; in peacetime he would have blown away the likes of Romney and Giuliani on stature and credentials alone, and the main event with Hillary probably would have been a cakewalk.

We interviewed McCain back in April aboard the Straight Talk Express, and of all the presidential candidates we’ve spoken with thusfar, he was easily the most unfiltered, unrehearsed and unapologetic. Truth be told, he was also the guy we’d probably trust first with the car keys of a country struggling to navigate its way through a difficult and dangerous new millennium. Unfortunately, that combination of candor and gravitas didn’t produce the money, momentum or resonating message McCain needed to survive the Giuliani and Thompson onslaughts. Which is too bad, because reading the first couple paragraphs of Taibbi’s article we were reminded of what a great President he probably would’ve been.



1. will sux - October 5, 2007

does this mean mccain will be receiving a “fitsnews” un-dorsement sic??? since you “trust him with the car keys” or whatever it was???

how much are mccain’s people paying for that??? whatever it is it can’t be worth it.

2. Henry - October 5, 2007

a) Who reads Rolling Stone? Seriously, Will. Boasting that you made a point months before some rock-n-roll mag for teenagers to buy with their allowance money — that really doesn’t do you much credit, dude.

b) McCain is probably the first guy you’d trust “with the car keys of a country struggling to navigate its way through a difficult and dangerous new millennium”? As opposed to some other, less dangerous millennium? And what do you “navigate” with car keys, anyway?

c) The boy you quote from Rolling Stone writes, “in peacetime [McCain] would have blown away the likes of Romney and Giuliani on stature and credentials alone.” Hmm — not sure about that one. In peacetime he couldn’t even blow away the “likes” of George W. Bush. McCain’s whole problems is that he’s all “stature and credentials” and not much else other than MSM conventional wisdom with the odd conservative floor vote thrown in.

Oh, uh, hi Will. Sorry it’s been a while.

3. Newspaper Hack - October 6, 2007

I agree. As a Democrat, I didn’t volunteer for and work for McCain in the ’00 Virginia primary because of his beliefs. Far from it. But, I believed that he had that bumper sticker slogan, “the character to lead.” Something that, after seven years of Junior at the controls, Bush certainly doesn’t have. I can only imagine in what of a better place this country would be in year seven of a McCain administration.

4. GKP - October 7, 2007

…”what a great President he probably would’ve been.”

Aside from the whole “so-called ‘Bill of Rights,'” you mean? An interesting statement coming from someone who’s livelihood, and apparently passion, are tied to free speech.

Competence and good leadership go hand in hand. But sooner or later you have to ask the leader where he wants to take you. If it is down the arrogant road where our elected “betters” start telling us what we can and cannot say — which is exactly where Messrs. McCain and Feignold have/want to take us — then quite frankly I’ll take, well, just about anybody else.

5. LOL - October 7, 2007

We should trust McCain, well known for his hair-trigger-explosive outbursts, with the “car keys of a country”? Are you kidding? I wouldn’t trust him with the keys of my 1984 Chevy Cavalier.

Will, you clearly have some relation with the McCain campaign or its hired consultants–if not now, then certainly at some point in the past. A little disclosure would be nice.

6. G.L. - October 7, 2007

McCain is the obvious ideological successor to Bush. I know that sounds like a bad thing, but in South Carolina I don’t think it is because the latest polls showed his approval rating here to be around 70%.

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