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The “Pimpfiniti” (1997-2007) October 4, 2007

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annette park


FITSNews – October 4, 2007 – The “Pimpfiniti,” a modified 1997 Q45 that had served as the flagship of the FITSNews‘ fleet for the last four years, passed away this afternoon at approximately 1:14 P.M.

The car, which was featured on a recent post about parking spots at the South Carolina State House, suffered a fatal dose of alcohol poisoning after parking for less than a minute in the spot reserved for State Rep. Annette Young.

“We’ve seen ill effects from residual alcohol poisoning before but never anything like this,” said USC toxocologist Whiffin D. Whippit. “The car simply never stood a chance given its low tolerance to this sort of exposure.”



1. Mr. Business - October 4, 2007

RIP. I’m pouring a 40 out in remembrance. The pimp cup is raised in your honor.

2. Motoring Man - October 4, 2007


As a Motoring aficionado I can attest to the fact that while southern cars served well at transporting “white lightnin” they do not tend to run well on Dewars “white lightnin”…If you know whats good for you(and I am sure you do)keep that behemoth away from certain named spaces. To “Infiniti” and beyond.

3. Junior League Love « FITSNews For Now - November 29, 2007

[…] on over to the dance floor, which is where the magic happens. Needless to say, a few hours later the Pimpfiniti left the premises with not one but TWO ladies in tow. Neither of whom were wearing pearls, pregnant […]

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