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Howdy, Partner October 3, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

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FITSNews – October 3, 2007 – Seeing the names of S.C. First Lady Jenny Sanford and former State Superintendent of Education Inez Tenenbaum mentioned on the same press release would usually portend bad things, unless of course you’re like us and really enjoy watching cat-fights.

The respective “queen bees” of two competing ideologies, Mrs. Sanford and Mrs. Tenenbaum probably share less common philosophical real estate than any two women in South Carolina, yet both have hooked up with the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, a group that’s been incredibly active in the Palmetto State in advance of the 2008 presidential primaries.

“The issues we’re raising in South Carolina and in other early primary states truly transcend people’s partisan affiliation or competing political ideologies,” said Anthony Quattrone, the Partnership’s South Carolina director. “That’s why you see conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats and every label in between joining our effort to challenge all of the candidates to make preventative care a priority.”

The Partnership rolled out a remarkably “healthy” list of 100 individuals and organizations backing its South Carolina efforts earlier this week, including Sanford, Tenenbaum, former Health and Human Services Director Robbie Kerr, S.C. Policy Council President Ed McMullen, health care lobbyist extraordinaire Larry Marchant and University of South Carolina President Andrew Sorenson.

The group has also made extensive inroads with South Carolina’s faith-based community, state government agencies (including Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer’s Office on Aging), health care associations, charity organizations, as well as several women’s groups and Hispanic organizations.

Now the question seems to be how the partnership plans to flex its accumulated S.C. muscle …

Obviously, the group’s focus is the 2008 presidential race and driving the debate among candidates in both parties toward specific preventative health care policy ideas. As we’ve written in the past, South Carolina’s abysmal health care situation provides a made-to-order environment for articulating such a message.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on the Partnership – and other groups like the ONE campaign, ED in ’08 and AARP – to see how effectively they can translate their institutional in-state clout into presidential positioning …



1. Molly Baugh - October 4, 2007

For a state with almost one third of adults and one fifth of children considered obese, South Carolina desperately needs an organization like the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease. Obesity is the top preventable cause of many chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease that are affecting more South Carolinians every year. The fact that the PFCD has been able to unite 100 partners, all in the name of shedding light on issues like this is impressive. This organization will be doing South Carolinians as well as the rest of the country a great service if it succeeds in pushing health care to the forefront of the presidential candidates’ campaigns, forcing them to up the ante and bring about real change.

2. Christine - October 4, 2007

I work in the healthcare field and I am constantly running into the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease at various events and often read about their work. I think it’s great that they focus on important health issues in the state and that they can get such a diverse group to work together. I hope we can see more progress towards better preventative health.

3. QDawg - October 4, 2007

Q is doing a great job with Fighting Chronic Disease and it is impressive to get a stellar steering committee from both sides together – then again who is for Chronic Disease…

4. FITSNews - October 4, 2007

Q is indeed the man. Good guy and a good cause … Emily Heatwole over at AARP is another up-and-coming young activist in this particular arena. She is doing very good work for her group …

5. Emily Heatwole - October 4, 2007

AARP has launched it’s Divided We Fail campaign to bring the issues of healthcare and lifetime financial security to the forefront of the 08 elections. The Divided We Fail campaign encourages the presidential candiates to participate in a bi partisan dialogue in order to address these most pressing domestic issues.

6. Emily Heatwole - October 4, 2007
7. QDawg - October 4, 2007

Also – Donna Ayers over at AARP deserves some props as well.

8. Andrew - October 4, 2007

Chronic diseases are prevalent in my family, particularly heart disease and diabetes. I hope that the coalition can help bring awareness to these issues, especially given the statistics in South Carolina. I know too many people affected by these diseases and lack of education and solid preventative health certainly play a role.

9. Roy - October 5, 2007

As an opponent of chronic disease, I am so very glad that the Partnership is around to help people realize that most chronic diseases can be prevented through living a healthy lifestyle. If people would put down the greasy groceries, throw away the cigarettes, and pour out the alcohol, and start eating more leafy greens, some of these problems would be solved. Thanks to the Partnership and to Anthony for their hard work.

PS – Emily is awesome too!

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