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Damn, We Hate It When We’re Right October 3, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

beattygate annette young


FITSNews – October 3, 2007 – The term in Latin is “quid pro quo,” or “something for something.”

Earlier this year, we reported that several powerful S.C. Republicans were conspiring to elect a liberal Democrat to the State Supreme Court for the sole purpose of advancing their own political careers or helping elect their employers and family members to positions of power. As the flap unfolded, additional Republicans were implicated in the scam, which ultimately succeeded in placing Democrat Donald W. Beatty on the State Supreme Court.

Beatty and his chief GOP supporters – Rep. Annette Young, Rep. Harry Cato, Rep. Converse Chellis and Rep. Dan Cooper – all denied that any illegal deals were cut, and even called our founding editor Sic Willie a liar for suggesting otherwise.

“There is absolutely no truth to the accusations,” Young told said at the time. “If you believe Will Folks, you need to see a doctor.”

Hmmm … let’s fast-forward a couple months, shall we?

According to this story in yesterday’s Summerville Journal Scene, as we predicted Judge Diane Goodstein, the wife of Rep. Young’s employer, former Rep. Arnold Goodstein, has once again filed to run for the State Supreme Court. Also filing for a circuit court position as we predicted is James Chellis, brother of State Treasurer Converse Chellis, another of the influential Republicans who threw his support behind Beatty in this year’s Supreme Court race.

Well, well, well … you don’t say. Quid pro quo, right?

You bet your ass it is.

It’s no secret beneath the State House dome that Rep. Young and Treasurer Chellis agreed to back Judge Beatty this year in exchange for Democratic support for Goodstein and James Chellis, respectively, in 2008.

There’s only one problem with that arrangement – it’s completely illegal.

And while Rep. Young continues to deny that any favor-trading is taking place, two prominent State House lobbyists personally observed her hand-delivering campaign checks from Arnold Goodstein to Republican state legislators at a recent GOP gathering in Greenville.

Rep. Young has also “guaranteed” that Diane Goodstein will emerge as one of three “qualified candidates” from the ostensibly impartial judicial screening process this time around, which is quite a boast given how poorly Goodstein fared during the last screening.

Checking in on Rep. Cato’s quid pro quo, FITSNews has learned that the powerful House Committee Chairman has received dozens of Democratic commitments in his as-yet-unannounced campaign for House Speaker Pro Tempore, the first stepping stone in his bid to become the next Speaker of the House.

Of course everybody involved in this flagrant display of vote-swapping is still denying it, but they kind of have to deny it seeing as telling the truth would mean admitting they broke the law.

Well, that and the fact they’re basically whores for the Democratic party.

In the meantime, we’re going to continue to watch this drama unfold precisely as we predicted it would from the beginning.

Hopefully, at some point in this process, the increasingly implausible stream of bullsh*t emanating from these Republican turncoats regarding their involvement in this flagrant influence-peddling scam will receive the investigative scrutiny it deserves.

UPDATE – Actually, we did get one thing wrong in this story – the headline. Turns out we don’t “hate it when we’re right” after all. Truth is, we kinda like it. It’s a lot like one of those Scooby Doo episodes where the bad guys are all unmasked and tied up and they’re muttering “goshdarnit, we would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that dagnabbit Sic Willie.”



1. Tom Franseen - October 3, 2007

I like your watchdogging on these issues, but you need to clean up your mouth please. There is no need for profanity, even though Hollywood thinks there is. In fact, it stoops to the level of those you criticize in my opinion. You can express your position and the facts with intelligence and good vocabulary without using morally degrading language. That is self-control. Thanks.

2. Carl - October 3, 2007

This is more of the good ole boy politics that are turning me against the Republican Party in SC. I already cannot vote for Democrats who seem bent on having socialism and government run schools only, teaching our children and grandchildren all about hedonism and having a godless society.

Lindsey Graham won’t get my vote for U.S. senate and now I must check on Danny Verdin’s voting record in Columbia to see if he is still a true conservtive and an upright politician. Maybe 2008 could be my year to vote for all Independents, no Republicans or Democrats.

3. FITSNews - October 3, 2007


Our mothers clearly slipped you a $20.


4. michael martin - October 3, 2007

I’m really glad that someone is watching those unscruptulous people that are calling themselves “politicians for the people. The “people” that they are watching out for are obviously their friends and collegues and not the “people” that elected them. We desperately need some honest, responsible replacements for those crooked, self-serving politicians.

5. paul coker - October 3, 2007

beattygate has meaning only in the context of the next governor’s race. follow the money

6. Attorney Tremendous - October 3, 2007

I would simply urge those in our State Legislature to vote for Chief Judge Kaye G. Hearn for the open Supreme Court seat. Chief Judge Hearn is without question the most qualified and experienced candidate. However, what is probably the most important feather in her cap related to this story – is that Chief Judge Hearn has not, will not, and does not engage in unscrupulous conduct, which in this race sets her far and apart from some of her challengers.

7. Sherri - October 3, 2007

I echo Tom Franseen. Thanks for educating us on their tactics, but don’t stoop to their level with your profanity. We need to strive to rise above that because when we lower ourselves, we are just as guilty of sin, just another form of it.

8. Believe It Not - October 3, 2007

sic(k) will is quick to call something “illegal” but slow to present proof of illegal actions. Sometimes calling someone a crook can land you in a law suit – or jail. And, lawyers are expensive! Right, will? 🙂

We wait patiently for proof of illegal activity – like we’re waiting for proof a Midland’s elected official has a “Strom Problem” or that the g’ubnor used a laptop inappropriately. Yawn………

Like most of will’s “scoops” this one seems to be a scoop of kitty litter spiced with lumpy hard feelings about Beatty and Chellis.

Get – over – it – willie!!! They have responsible paying jobs. You?

Poor Tom, Carl. Michael and Paul. Reading this blog when they could be doing something productive – like helping a disadvantaged child with their homework so they can get their SAT score up.

Opps, sorry. We forgot. “Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice” are waiting for vouchers to fix the SC education problems, cure world hunger, take care of tooth decay and fix that monthly bloated feeling.

Go Cocks, Beat Kentucky.

9. FITSNews - October 3, 2007


We’re with you on “Go Cocks, Beat Kentucky,” although that’s kind of an unexpected sentiment coming from a pro-Atlantic Coast Conference e-mail address …

As for the rest of your rambling, thanks for the additional website hit.


10. Joe Schmidt - October 3, 2007

Our Supreme Court is for sale and you are worried about profanity?

F*ck that. Where are the various ethics committees when you need them?

As for BIN, I am coming to the conclusion that this is either Will himself or someone Will has identified and chosen not to out for publicity purposes. Thoughts my fellow Skyhawk?

11. Aiken For Change - October 3, 2007

Didn’t I read somwhere that my representative, Rep. Skipper Perry participated in the illegal vote trading scandal with his frined Rep. Young to elect a democrat to the State Supreme Court?

He recently defended his vote for Beatty in a Letter to the editor of the Aiken Standard by claiming that he was interested in helping minorities be placed in high positions of government to right past wrongs.

So he broke the law to correct his own past actions is how I read that. Any news on Rep, Perry in this story? Rep. Perry is boasting around town that Gov. Sanford, SCRG, Club For Growth and other like minds are coming after him in 2008.

His vote for a liberal judge over a true conservative should be a major issue in this conservative district.

12. Dan Richardson - October 4, 2007

First, Thanks for your site…I like your INFo, But think your profanity needs to go .I can’t forward much of your stuff because of it.
The christian element of south carolina is turned off by it. Think about it and see how it will expand.

I have been active for many years in the republican party and have a distaste for a lot of the Good’ole boys (& girls) that are suppose-it-ly looking out for the rest of us.

I serve on the state exec cmte and have called for the direct election of the courts for years. While this may not be the “best” answer to our problem, it would get -it-out-of-the-hands- of the “insiders”.

Yes, the money game will be played, But, we can fix that too by: “Only contributors that can vote for the candidate would be allowed to contribute.”

This would be one way to get the US senate back in the hands of the people of the state.

13. Hello Bloggers - October 4, 2007

Hearn is good but Kittredge is better. Kittredge is the salt of the earth type of judge. He’s not a politician and he’s an academic, which is just what the high court needs right now. He would have run in the past Supreme Court election but was one of two folks being considered to fill Billy Wilkins’ Fourth Circuit seat. Circumstances have arisen that will keep that seat open until the next administration. Kittredge also has the conservative values that seems to be missing in our leaders right now. His only downfall is that he’s not going to be on his hands and knees kissing legislator butt like some of these other folks. And for the record, I would like to say that no one has prompted me to right this. I do know Judge Kittredge but soley through his work. I am concerned that the next seat will be a prize of endurance. So I hope endurance and brown nosing aren’t the only things the legislators care about next spring.

14. C-dawg - October 4, 2007

Who doesn’t love a good four letter adjective…Will, keep up the infotainment! As for BIN, get over it dude…Will is an entertaining writer, and his blog ROCKS. In fact, I wish he’d post more! I love it when he wrinkles the feathers of the good ol’ boys, BIN, you must be one of ’em…enjoy that!

15. Attorney Tremendous - October 4, 2007

Contrary to the post from “Hello Bloggers,” the race for this open S.C. Supreme Court seat is not and should not be about candidates with “conservative values.” The race is about electing the most qualified and experienced candidate to the bench – electing a candidate who will set aside his or her own political views to rule on a particular case, regardless of personal values. We do not want candidates who run based on their political view or who rule on cases based on their political view – quite the opposite. There is a reason why judges must remain non-partisan – to avoid the very thing “Hello Bloggers” suggests Judge Kittredge will do if elected.

Therefore, I would again stress the need for our legislature to elect Chief Judge Kaye G. Hearn to the bench. Her record, experience, and refusal to be brought into party politics speak volumes for her. Personally, she is the very judge I want sitting on our highest state court representing me as a citizen of South Carolina.

16. GKP - October 4, 2007


Come on, now. Seriously…do you think that any judge is “non-partisan?” or, in fact, should be? The entire purpose of the judicial branch– especially at the appellate level — is to interpret the law. Recognizing that reasonable people can disagree, our forefathers set up the judiciary to cover the grey areas between the black-and-white that the legislature is supposed to create and the executive enforce. Call it “perspective,” “environmental bias,” or “politics” — it’s all the same thing.

Look at it another way: Scalia and Breyer differ dramatically on whether inernational law is a valid resource in arrivng at applications of American law. Call it what you want, my friend, but that is a political position.

Don’t get me wrong: qualifications should be and are paramount. But qualifications alone just don’t get it (no one can reasonably argue that Scalia and Breyer aren’t both imminently qualified.)

And, without trying to pile on, the notion that judges will magically become more “objective” because they are “non-partisan” borders on childish.

Hearn and Kitteredge (and others, except perhaps Goodstein) are all extremely well- qualified (as was Beatty). Those things being equal, it is incumbent upon the legislature to appoint a judge most likely to interpret the laws in the same light in which they were conceived by the Legislature.

17. Hmmm... - October 4, 2007

The question in the judicial races shouldn’t be is the person a conservative or a liberal, a Republican or a Democrat. The question should be have they upheld the law and will they continue to do so. There wasn’t a single decision that anyone pointed to when Beatty was elected that said he didn’t follow the law. Remember the ads? They cherry-picked a couple of his votes from his time in the House in the last century. But as long as the conservative/liberal debate is out there, ask some of the “true” conservative Republicans why they voted for Beatty, and they’ll tell you he was the most conservative of the three candidates.

18. GKP - October 5, 2007

Dear Hmmmm….

Please identify the “true” conservatives who voted for Beaty because he was the most conservative.

Just a couple of names will do.

19. GKP - October 5, 2007

One more thing….

Hmmm suggests, as many have, that the key is to find judges who “uphold the law.” I say again that upholdng the law is the function of the executive. Interpreting the law is the job of the judiciary.

Ask yourself this: which side “upheld the law” in the Kelo decision?

Bottom line: judges have perspective on things…and that manifests itself as a political philosophy. To suggest that all we need are judges to uphold the law reflects a basic misunderstanding of what judges do.

20. Valley Rat - October 5, 2007

Skipper Perry said he voted for Beatty, in a letter to the Aiken Standard, because Beatty was black.

21. Hello Bloggers - October 5, 2007

I think Kittredge should get the seat. And he’ll be an excellent Chief Justice one day. He is a good person and an excellent juror.

22. Hmmm... - October 5, 2007

One more thing: To suggest that we need judges who do more than uphold the law reflects a basic misunderstanding of the system. Kelo is a perfect example of why.

As for names, do your own homework. Look at who voted for Beatty and ask the questions. I ain’t your mommy.

23. GKP - October 5, 2007


Still waiting on those “true” conservatives…..

24. FYI - October 5, 2007

I notice a number of attorney (or attorney wanna be) comments on this blog. Have any of you filled out the S.C. Bar’s request for information on the qualifications, or lack thereof on the candidates being discussed? I hope so. A seat on the Supreme Court of SC is incredibly important for a multitude of reasons and blog banter will not be sufficient to prevent it from being turned over to someone buying their way on the bench.

For the record, I am thrilled that this information has been “pubilshed” somewhere as those of us living and working in the tri-county area were beginning to wonder if anyone else noticed what was going on. Unfortunately, the majority of the attorneys, clerks, and court personnel in our area want to see Goodstein get the seat but the reasoning is wrong . . . they want her out of their hair. Down here, if you cross the “Badsteins” your career will suffer! Just to make the story a little more interesting on a local level, not only has everyone here been told that Goodstein has the seat “wrapped up” (i.e. paid for) through Annette Young, but we are also being told that Goodstein and Young will be supporting the WIFE of our County Council Chairperson to fill her Circuit Court position. Ain’t politics grand? Truly, I find this stuff amusing when it’s seats on the school board or an entertainingly heated County or Town Council race, but I am no longer amused when a supposedly Republican conservative not only voted for Beatty, but is then buying her Democratic boss’ wife a seat on the Supreme Court as well.

Where does this end? Someone – please speak up for those of us that can’t afford to! Fill out those forms – call your representatives – stop this madness!

25. Hmmm... - October 5, 2007

GKP, while you’re waiting, perhaps you can try reading my previous post. Or, try doing your own research, as I suggested in said post.

26. GKP - October 6, 2007

Hmmm… I see the list of who voted for Beatty,,,,nobody jumps out to me as a “true conservative.”

I’m not trying to pass the buck, just trying to see who you had in mind.

Still waiting…

27. GKP - October 7, 2007

Hmmm…hey, anybody can pull out the list and see who voted for Beatty. You are the one who encouraged all of us to….

ask some of the “true” conservative Republicans why they voted for Beatty, and they’ll tell you he was the most conservative of the three candidates….

All I’m saying is that my first reaction is that you are way off base, but I will take you up on your suggestion if you will simply identify some of those “true conservatives.”

And if you start with Skipper Perry, then I think we all know how much weight to give your input.

28. Hmmm... - October 7, 2007


I think we’ve gotten to the heart of the problem. You look at the list and nobody jumps out at you as a true conservative. My gawd, if they voted for Beatty there’s no way they could be conservatives. Is that what I’m hearing?

If you’re looking for folks who never waver from a rigid ideology, perhaps you should check out the Nazi party.

For the record, no, I wouldn’t start — or even finish — with Skipper Perry. Also for the record, I don’t give a shit about you or how much weight you give my input. My input, like yours, and four bucks will get you a cup of coffee.

Since I can tell from your previous posts that you’re one of those jackasses who has to get the last word, have at it. But I’m done, because you’re boring me.

29. fitsnews - October 7, 2007

GKP and Hmmm,

You two need to get a room.


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