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Jimmy Merrill’s Parking Spot Sucks October 2, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

merrill park


FITSNews – October 2, 2007 – We had some bidness to attend to up at the S.C. State House today and figured it would be fun to do what we always do for sh*ts and giggles, which is park in prominent GOP politicians’ spaces and then take pictures of it for your enjoyment.

Unfortunately, the governor’s parking spot was unavailable, so we had to settle for House Majority Leader Jimmy Merrill‘s space – which seriously might as well be in Siberia. Or at least West Columbia.

So … is the proximity of one’s parking space inversely proportional to how big a whiner they are? Looks that way, people, looks that way.



1. Believe It Not - October 2, 2007

So, now every “wacko” in the world knows what sic(k) will’s car looks like, what his license plate number is and what his current bumper stickers look like. Will, with your track record you may want to park in the back yard from now on. Wackos are everywhere. Be careful out there. 🙂

And, Jimmy may sign a warrant for trespassing in his parking space. You have enough legal problems. You don’t need more. They cost money.

2. holly golightly - October 3, 2007

you must be disillusioned to think that every wacko out there didn’t already know will’s license plate number. they are, after all, the ones that stalk him..

3. Mr. Business - October 3, 2007

I think he is right next to the Blatt building which is the high rent district.

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