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FITSNews Exclusive – Mitt Romney Faking Sick? October 1, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

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FITSNews – October 1, 2007 – Although we find it difficult to believe anything that comes out of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney‘s mouth, when he cancelled his Palmetto State schedule for this past weekend on Sept. 25, we took him at his word when he told The State newspaper he needed “personal time” and told the AP he was sick:

Former Gov. Mitt Romney is cancelling his presidential campaign schedule in South Carolina this weekend after getting sick during a rush to raise money before the end of the month. Romney had cancelled an appearance Tuesday in Bakersfield, California, to recuperate, but now he’s going to stay in Utah for the weekend after a stop there on Friday. Aides say Romney picked up a cold during a busy span that saw him address a Republican Leadership Conference in Michigan last weekend and then head to the West Coast for five days of public and private events.

Picked up a cold, eh? In Michigan? We guess that’s believeable. Or at least it would have been believeable were it not for a little thing called Lexis Nexis. And a newspaper called the Salt Lake Tribune.

Turns out that while Romney’s “cold” may have prevented him from mingling with salt-of-the-earth South Carolinians at the Irmo Okra Strut, it didn’t stop him from addressing a powerful clique of social conservatives in Utah and attending a massive fundraising blitz there that specifically targeted Mormon donors.

And judging from these pictures of Romney hamming it up, it sure doesn’t look like he’s sick, although in all fairness it could be another case of the flip-flops.

Except that can’t be true, because the fact is Romney never intended to be in South Carolina this past weekend to begin with.

According to comments made by his spokeswoman in this article published on September 11 (i.e. more than two weeks before his S.C. visit had even been announced, let alone cancelled), Romney’s Utah trip is clearly referenced.

Mitt, seriously. Next time you’ve got more important sh*t to do than hang out with a bunch of South Carolina rednecks, just tell us. Faking sick is something six-year olds do …

Don’t get us wrong, we’re dumb as bricks here in South Carolina, but we’re also a remarkably polite and understanding people.

If you can’t make it to one of our many festivals celebrating slimy but delicious vegetables, just say so.

You ain’t got’s to lie, Mitt. You ain’t got’s to lie.



1. Don Johnson - October 1, 2007

Hey. Feris Beuller faked sick. It worked out well for him. And it made a pretty good movie. Mitt Romney’s Day Off doesn’t have the same kind of ring though. Who would play Rooney?

2. zippo - October 1, 2007

What would Ann Coulter say…………?

3. Believe It Not - October 1, 2007

Typecasting, so sic(k) will to play the Druggie (remember, the dude at the police station?) – although will looks nothing like Charlie Sheen.

4. schotline - October 2, 2007

Where is the dog?

5. VistaVixen - October 2, 2007

Mitt just can’t help himself now can he? I guess we better get used to the Mormon Clinton in the White House, from what I have been told he is going to steam roll over everyone when he takes Iowa and New Hampshire. I think it is time to consider relocating to Costa Rica or somewhere like that……

6. Talking Politics - Did Romney Fake Being Sick? - October 2, 2007

[…] Romney Fake Being Sick? A South Carolina blog says that Mitt Romney faked an illness last weekend to skip out on a series of scheduled SC appearances — and instead went to Utah for a […]

7. mike reino - October 2, 2007

I would believe that it was a scheduling conflict over being sick. Mitt had a date set here on Sept. 29th in Florence – not a fundraiser – and they had it rescheduled for the 18th of October, with less than 48 hrs notice. Not much fun for the person who had to call 75 guests about the cancellation.

BTW Will, I’m posting again. Thanks for the kind words.

8. barbara - October 2, 2007

oh but he was sick!!!!! Say what you may. The truth will win oput.

9. Patrick - October 3, 2007

Guess who else is sick – the voters! They’re sick of slicked up politicians in blue suits and red ties with the convictions and integrity of a box of doughnuts. That’s why Romney has outspent everybody else in the race but only gets less popular as the months go by.

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