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Republicans Hate Black People September 28, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

romney microphone


FITSNews – September 28, 2007 – In all fairness to flip-flopper extraordinaire Mitt Romney, we should point out that the three candidates currently polling above him in the Republican presidential primary (Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain) also skipped out on a GOP debate focused on minority issues up in Maryland yesterday.

We’re just using Romney’s picture because his hair is so cotton-pickin’ perfect. We promise. And because the irrepressibly hot girl in the background looks a helluva lot like one of Sic Willie’s ex-girlfriends.

And for the record, we don’t really think that Republicans hate black people. Especially not in South Carolina, where tens of thousands of African-American schoolchildren are annually condemned to the very worst public schools America has to offer.

After all, people, hatred implies that you actually give a damn in the first place. Which South Carolina Republicans clearly don’t.



1. Willard R. - September 28, 2007

Yeah, Mitt Romney’s polling fourth… except he’s up double-digits in Iowa, which is why Mitt Romney will be the nominee and beat the crap out of those other chumps in South Carolina.

Besides, wouldn’t that be good? Everyone in the political media down there could write the same stories over again, all throwing a hissy fit about Warren Tompkins.

2. Newspaper Hack - September 29, 2007

Yeah, every time I hear blacks referred to as “lawyas” and “monkeys” by conservative friends of mine in South Carolina, I think about how S.C. Republicans are so going to get a good portion of the black vote.

BTW – tell Katon Dawson he’s full of shit.

3. todd snider - October 14, 2007

you know there are tens of thousands of white kids that go to those same schools in SC.

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