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The Oregon Duck Is Pissed September 26, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Sports.

oregon duck


FITSNews – September 26, 2007 – In case you haven’t seen this hilarious clip of the Oregon Duck mascot beating the crap out of Houston’s “Cougar,” prepare to laugh your ass off. We honestly haven’t seen anything this funny since Columbia’s own “Bomber the Mouse” got fired from his job a few years back and proceeded to vent his frustration by soundly whooping a six-year old kid’s ass in a race around the basepaths (the mascot is supposed to let the kid win, obviously). Anyway, here’s what the Cougar (also a walk-on wide receiver) had to say about this latest case of mascot-on-mascot violence:

I mean, to be on a football team, which is considered a manly sport, and to see videos of me getting beat up by a duck, of course it’s going to be a little embarrassing. (My teammates) have the right to kind of poke fun at me.

Oregon evidently suspended the Duck for one game as a result of the incident.



1. Give Me FITS - September 26, 2007

In Oregon, they call that a “Quack Attack.”

No, seriously, that’s what they call it.

It ain’t “Goose Creek style,” but it gets the job done.

Besides, how close to the edge would you be if you had to wear a duck suit all day? Look what it did to Elton John, for crying out loud.

2. Newspaper Hack - September 27, 2007

Oregon fans quack. Georgia fans bark. Let’s get these two cute kids in a bowl game.

Then burn that motha down.

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