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Thank You, Vanessa Hudgens September 24, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

Vanessa Hudgens on bed


FITSNews – September 24, 2007 – Nevermind that the “ass up” stuffed animal (Eeyore!) in the background of this picture looks infinitely hotter to us than Vanessa Hudgens, or that we’ve seen pet lizards crawling at us with more sex appeal than this before, or that we’ve stooped to similarly non-arousing methods as part of our shameless campaign to drive up our web traffic … none of that matters right now.

What matters is that it’s worked flawlessly … and thanks in no small part to the eighty-pound kitten pictured above, FITSNews officially recorded its one millionth hit today.

In case you were curious, our top post ever (by a landslide) was the Palmetto Power 100, a ranking of South Carolina’s most influential powerbrokers that may or may not have been composed with the aid of illegal methamphetamines. Coming in a distant second was our tribute to Obama Girl, which was followed closely by a provocative piece on how Pam Anderson’s breasts may in fact be approved floatation devices.

Anyway, we’d like to take this opportunity to recognize the seventeen of you who have visited us a couple hundred times a day over the past nine months and say ‘Thank You’ for your continued support. Because of your unhealthy obsession with our beloved Sic Willie, we’re well on our way to reaching our ultimate goal of eleventy kabillion hits!

UPDATE – We thought it would also be interesting to reveal the top ten search engine terms that brought people to FITSNews today … they are 10. “carrie underwood,” (117), 9. “Romney flip-flop,” (130), 8. “FITSNews blog,” (133), 7. “Will Folks blog,” (139), 6. “FITSNews,” (151) 5. “Vanessa Hudgens,” (211), 4. “Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures,” (214), 3. “Vanessa Hudgens in a bikini,” (236), 2. “vanessa hudgens,” (512), and 1. “FITS News,” (530).



1. obama girl - September 24, 2007


: )

2. FITSNews - September 24, 2007

Thanks. And we still got a crush on you, Obama girl.


3. Mr. Business - September 25, 2007

I was only responsible for 800,000 hits.

How many times will 170 legislators go into 1 million?


4. Natasha - September 25, 2007

Will – that ROCKS! I hope you do a little self-promo to media to gain even more momentum…

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