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Americans Are Such Tough Guys September 24, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

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FITSNews – September 24, 2007 – So the President of Iran is visiting New York today, and judging from all the tough talk coming from both the egghead left and the rigormortis right you’d think the guy was Satan himself. Anyway, Mahmoud Ahmanidanidingdong (editor’s note: It’s Mahmoud something) is catching all sorts of flak on his trip from, well … everybody. Here’s a nugget from the CNN story about Mahmoud’s visit to Columbia University:

Columbia University President Lee Bollinger excoriated Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday, going through a long list of documented actions and remarks by the firebrand Iranian leader and his government. “Mr. President, you exhibit all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator,” Bollinger said to applause from many of the 600 people in the room for a speech from the Iranian leader. Bollinger cited the Iranian government’s “brutal crackdown” on dissidents, public executions, executions of minors and other actions.

Talk about rolling out the red carpet. Seriously, Dr. Bollinger. If this guy is such an asshole, how come he got an invitation to speak at your University?

Of course, the fact that Ahmad Jihad’s country is still on the map at all is what’s really insulting here, proving once again that Americans are “all talk, no bomb.” Forgive us for so effortlessly crystallizing our nation’s reticence in the face of an excessively-delicate 21st Century geopolitical balance, but there’s really no point in being able to blow everybody off the face of the earth like eleventy kabillion times if we don’t blow somebody off it every once in awhile.



1. Earl Capps - September 24, 2007

Good idea. I get sick and tired of having a military presence in two, but billions of foreign aid in dozens, but somehow that makes us a thug and bully trying to enforce our will upon the world.

You’re right, maybe we’re going about this all wrong. Maybe we need to scale back our military presence, cut off the gravy train and try more bombs.

These countries have contempt for charity, but respect for bombs. Let’s take some poor nation that rails upon us, and bomb the motherfuckers back into the stone age.

Face it, they’re not going to like us any less, are they?

2. Scott - September 25, 2007

I score that visit to Columbia as an all around win:

The government registers it’s displeasure, but DOES NOT prevent the appearance: score one for the first amendment

The university president allows a “petty dictator” to speak, but lambastes him for his behavior as a leader…allowing a speech from someone he finds abhorrent: score one for the university president (with an assist from the first amendment).

We all get to see what an idiot this guy is: score one for…well….everyone.

…and what a highlight for our system that we can be confident that (1) no institution of higher learning in Iran would likely be allowed to host a similar speech by Bush and (2) Iran would likely be unable to guarantee the safety of Bush the way we were able to guarantee the safety of Ahmadinejad during his speech.

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