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Nazi Presidential Nominee Surprised By Ron Paul “Revolution” September 23, 2007

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ron paul


By Corey Hutchins, Special to FITSNews

FITSNews – September 23, 2007 – A presidential long-shot is scoring big with white supremacist voters, although oddly enough it’s not their “official candidate.”

Texas Congressman Ron Paul is receiving “all the pro-white support,” the American Nazi Party’s nominee for president said in an exclusive interview with FITSNews.

From inside his campaign headquarters in Laurens, S.C. – an old movie theater converted into a Ku Klux Klan museum and National Socialist Movement meeting hall – John Taylor Bowles said he doesn’t understand why so many members of a white nationalist Web forum, Stormfront.org, are supporting Paul for president and not him.

As the self-styled “white peoples’ candidate,” Bowles says his Aryan brothers and sisters will lose America to the non-whites – and possibly even get kicked off the continent – unless “something is done.”

He says he’s seen a harbinger of things to come after a June campaign stop along the U.S.-Mexico border, a trip he officially dubbed “Operation Throw Back the Wetback.”

So how does the Paul campaign react to the news that their candidate is a big hit among white extremists?

“We don’t pay attention to that,” Paul’s communications director Jesse Benton told FITSNews. “All Americans are free to support Dr. Paul for what Dr. Paul believes in – liberty, individual rights and the Constitution.”

But Bowles, 44, who campaigns in full Nazi regalia (including the black jackboots and swastika armband), doesn’t think Paul can stand the test of time with white nationalist voters.

“I’m like the dog doing the last kick before it dies,” Bowles says of his run for the presidency, the first ever by a member of the National Socialist Movement.

Sitting near an open casket with a skeleton inside and a sign threatening death to “race-mixers,” Bowles says, “We’re going to lose (America) unless something is done … (and) I’m it.”

A former federal officer in the U.S. Department of Agriculture who declared his candidacy last December, Bowles appeared two months later on the cover of the Columbia City Paper.

Bowles says his first order of business as President would be to sign an executive order sending large segments of the population back to their respective homelands. His next move would be to bring back all white troops currently serving overseas.

Claiming he is part of the fastest-growing network of white nationalists in the country, South Carolina’s candidate believes he has enough support to get on the ballot in most states.

“Americans love an underdog,” he says while dismissing the mainstream presidential candidates – including Ron Paul – as a “bunch of horses” lacking the stomach for controversy.

As for controversy, Bowles believes Americans crave it. Tapping his swastika armband he says, “This is coming back into style.”

Editor’s Note: Mr. Hutchins is the editor of Columbia (S.C.) City Paper, a weekly alternative news magazine.



1. The 7-10 - September 23, 2007

This is amazing.

I don’t think it shows that White racists form one of the pillars of Ron Paul’s support. However, I do think it further illustrates the breadth of his support. His libertarian message is resonating with anti-war liberals, Grover Norquist Republicans, Second Amendment supporters, and Barry Goldwater conservatives.

Paul is smart for running as a Republican rather than as a Libertarian because there would be no way for him to get his message out to nearly as many people as he is now.

2. Believe It Not - September 23, 2007

Who is Ron Paul? Why does sic(k) willie or Hutch (“alternative” paper) think anyone cares? More importantly, why are the back few pages of “alternative” papers infested with sexually suggestive ads??

Has Ron Paul bitten someone’s arm off? Has someone bitten Ron’s arm off – with a swastika on it? Who has the gator’s head??

We’ve heard sic(k) will has a swastika tattooed on his ass, but so far no one has confirmed that for us. Anyone want to check?

One night last week we met a girl in a bar who said she once saw sic(k) willie’s ass, but she also said she was drunk and it looked more like a dried up prune with a cork in it. She said she passed out.

So, why is Ron Paul so important to sic(k) willie? Hmm? Prunes? Corks? Passed out girls??? A “buddy” with an “alternative” paper?

Starting to see a pattern here!

What we care about is the Midlands elected official with a “Strom problem,” the gover-nator’s computer, the allegations the governor paid off the family of a poor little “black girl,” and when the head of the gator that bit sic(k) willie’s ass off will finally be mounted on the wall in the State House – hopefully in the gover-nator’s office.

3. eye - September 23, 2007

No! What’s amazing is the woman in the background is picking her nose and scratching her eye at the same time. If a gator is biting her ass off at the same time, we may have something………

4. Joe - September 24, 2007

Stormfront isn’t a National Socialist site or a White Supremacist one, so I’m not sure why he would expect them to support his views. Ron Pauls message is one that speaks to a lot of concerned people that love America, and that strikes a cord with the majority of White Nationalists.

5. uh... - September 24, 2007

Uh…I guess the “Stormfront White Nationalist Community” banner and “White Pride World Wide” logo on the front page of the Stormfront Web site and “Ideology and Philosophy: Foundations for White Nationalism” section make it pretty much as politically correct as David Duke.

Check it out for yourself: http://www.stormfront.org

6. Plunderbund - » South Carolina’s Nazi Voters Supporting Ron Paul - September 24, 2007

[…] From fitsnews: A presidential long-shot is scoring big with white supremacist voters, although oddly enough it’s not their “official candidate.” […]

7. Confessions of a Political Junkie » Why am I not surprised - October 4, 2007

[…] The Nazis love Ron Paul. A presidential long-shot is scoring big with white supremacist voters, although oddly enough it’s not their “official candidate.” […]

8. qwesi.com » Blog Archive » Well I don’t believe what is trying to be shoved down my throat… our throats. - October 11, 2007


9. Kevin Houston - October 11, 2007

How great is this? Ron Paul (who is not a racist) is stealing support from someone who is. If Ron Paul can prevent one dollar from flowing into John “Toilet” Bowl’s campaign coffers, I say: “Good for Dr. Paul.”


10. joe hadenuff - October 13, 2007

So americans that are concerned for the survival of their race aren’t allowed to have a say or allowed to vote? They aren’t to be worried about freedom, liberty, justice or the increasing rise of the police state and near martial law? Hogwash! If the White Nationalists support Ron Paul it just shows that “freedom is catching” and they are right to support such a person as the good Dr Ron Paul.

11. Consterned - October 23, 2007

I believe that white folks are going to lose North America, if we fail.

John Taylor Bowles

Crosstar does not endorse political-candidates. But, when Ron Paul turned down an interview, we decided to see what John Taylor Bowles had to say.

All The Way: What are your qualifications to be President of the United States?

John Taylor Bowles: Born in Maryland in 1957, Associate Degree in Applied Science, retired federal officer of the USDA, father of three daughters, elected UAW representative and active in previous political-campaigns.

ATW: A “Populist Party” tried to run a candidate for President, but was fined for not filing required documents. Do you have competent legal-counsel?

Bowles: I know federal election law like the back of my hand.

ATW: What about conspiracy laws? Are you prepared to deal with them?

Bowles: These tactics have already been used against my campaign and were intercepted.

ATW: What sort of independent accountants, if any, do you have in place and what sort of oversight do you offer to those possibly interested in your candidacy?

Bowles: I don’t believe this is going to be a problem, because, basically, no one has lifted one finger to help with this campaign and even my own political organization is scared somewhat to be of assistance to me.

ATW: You have been associated with those regarded as “costumists.” Would public-antipathy to this sort of thing be something that would cross your mind?

Bowles: It has never caused a problem. Voters will support an underdog. They like my style and approach. I inform them.

ATW: How do you assess your progress, so far, and what specific plans do you have for the future?

Bowles: I will keep running, until I win.

ATW: Anything else to add?

Bowles: I believe that white folks are going to lose North America and be expelled, if they fail this last-ditch opportunity to to win by elections.

© 2007 The Nationalist Movement

12. Wood - October 24, 2007

If White Nationalists”, so called “white supremacists-evil nazis-neo fascists-who hate and want to control people” do support Ron Paul, even though they are claimed by all media to support the complete opposite….then it would seem the mainsteam media has been lying about what White Nationalists represent. I’ve seen media lie regarding Ron Paul so I wouldn’t put it past ’em. Lying Media!!!!

Ron Paul, what a man that can unite the far left with the far right under thw banner of freedom for all, go Ron Paul!!!!

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