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Mitt Romney Did Something Smart September 19, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

Justin and Romney


FITSNews – September 19, 2007 – We can’t believe we’re saying it either, but the latest advertisement from that crazy flippin’ dolphin Mitt Romney is actually pretty damn good. Don’t get us wrong, the guy is still the biggest hypocrite on the planet (and his consultants are definitely still pond scum), but his ad insisting that Republicans get their act together is pretty smart politics when you stop and think about it.

“We can’t be like Democrats — a party of big spending,” Romney says in the ad.

True that, Flip. True that.

Hopefully, South Carolina’s GOP-controlled legislature is paying attention, because it when it comes to blowing your money on a bunch of useless pork, these dim-witted, barely-evolved idiots make the big spenders up in D.C. look like a bunch of damn amateurs. To put it another way, if screwing the taxpayers was a profession, our state legislature would be like John Holmes, whereas the U.S. Congress would be more like a college kid hiding a camera in the closet for the first time.

UPDATE – A reader just reminded us of something we neglected to mention (editor’s note: sorry, too many whippits) … namely that the vast majority of big spenders currently serving in the S.C. legislature employ Romney’s consulting firm to manage their State House destinies. Quite an Alanis Morrisette moment, if you ask us. Kind of like rain on our wedding day. Or 10,000 spoons when all we need is a knife.



1. The Palmetto Scoop - September 19, 2007

F.Y.I. – The ad isn’t exactly “new.” It was first run in South Carolina in May:


2. FITSNews - September 20, 2007


So smart, as always. Ordinarily, we’d tell you to bite our ass but it’s so rock hard that we’d hate to be liable for any of your dental work.

“Your honor, our buns are in fact made of steel.”

Case dismissed!


3. Dave VanHinkel - September 20, 2007

Is that Justin Timberlake?

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