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Mr. Potato Head “Apologizes” For Trophy Wife Comment September 18, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

potato head and jeri


FITSNews – September 18, 2007 – Spartanburg County GOP Chairman Mr. Potato Head apologized yesterday for calling the spouse of GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson a “trophy wife” (three times) at a recent party activist meeting. Well, sort of …

If you happened to read today’s Greenville News story based on our coverage, you’ll see he also blames the whole mess on his political opponents, calls the Thompson campaign “sensitive” and “nervous” and blithely assumes that 90% of Spartanburgians (editor’s note – not a word) interpreted his sexist remark as a compliment.

So yeah … that’s not exactly an apology.

Mr. Potato Head, a.k.a. Rick Beltram, has been self-touted as a prospective State Senate candidate, but he revealed in his “trophy wife” speech last week that his real goal is becoming Chairman of the S.C. Republican Party.

Unfortunately, in addition to having hyperactive sweat glands (probably due to his thin skin), Beltram has severe difficulty counting as well as writing. And while those qualifications would certainly mesh well with a seat in the South Carolina Senate, most people expect a State Party Chairman to be able to write in complete sentences.



1. Fedora - September 18, 2007

Man, she looks really uncomfortable sitting there next to Rick. She looks like Jessica Alba’s older sister being approached by your-biggest-fan-in-the-world-guy in a coffee shop.

2. caligula - September 18, 2007

looks and seens like a trophy wife to me. i got to agree with him on this one.

3. Don Johnson - September 18, 2007

I think the appropriate term is: Spartanburgers

Appropriate given their collective waistline. And Mr. Potato Head. Mmmmm. French fries.

4. Don Johnson - September 18, 2007

Oh, and if she is a trophy wife… Rick Beltram must just be jealous.

5. caligula - September 18, 2007

when you marry a woman that is 24 years younger than what you’re, you just have to know people will be calling her a trophy wife.

6. Greer - September 18, 2007

LOL. I’m no huge fan of Beltram, but he’s dead right. She IS a trophy wife. What’s all the outrage about? People afraid of reality? Sadly, nothing new in SC state politics.

7. FITSNews - September 18, 2007

Beltram has huge fans? Glands, you must have meant. As in sweat glands.


P.S. – We are a huge sweat gland of Rick Beltram, FWIW.

8. baked - September 18, 2007

jessica alba’s much older sister after a visit to a nigerian botox injecter who works out of his 1988 astro minivan

9. Dave VanHinkel - September 19, 2007

If Fred Fred isn’t motorboating that shit everyday, then I will stand up motorboat that… for freedom, justice and the American way.

Ma ma! Ma ma…

10. Greer - September 19, 2007

Jeri Thompson is pretty much the Anna Nicole Smith of the Republican Party.

11. Dave VanHinkel - September 19, 2007

Betch ya she dances purty damn good too.

12. Doc Smith - September 19, 2007

What, out of her gourd on coke and trimspa?

13. Doc Smith - September 19, 2007

What, high out of her gourd on coke and trimspa?

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