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FITSNews Exclusive – Phoney Phone Calls In Lowcountry Campaign September 18, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.



FITSNews – September 18, 2007 – Yup, we’re still in South Carolina, people.

Sources are telling FITSNews that a black woman calling herself “Shaniqua” has placed telephone calls to several Republican voters in Beaufort County urging them to vote for Shannon Erickson in today’s GOP State House runoff election. According to individuals who have received them, the calls say, “My name is Shaniqua, and I be voting’ for Shannon Erickson ’cause she gonna give me all the money I need sos I don’t hafta work.” Another phone caller, alleging to be Erickson herself, tells voters that she will “spend money like a drunken sailor” if elected.

Erickson is running against fellow Republican Randy Bates for the GOP nomination in S.C. House District 124. Both are running as fiscal conservatives and supporters of school choice.

The phoney phone calls have some Beaufort insiders pointing fingers at Bates’ political consultant, Rod Shealy, particularly given their overtly racial overtones. Shealy pled guilty to election fraud years ago after hiring an unemployed black fisherman to run against his sister in an effort to frighten white voters.

Rod Shealy, Jr., who is managing Bates’ campaign, told FITSNews, “our campaign knows nothing about this, period.”

“Any campaign worth its salt would be much smarter than to send out something that transparent,” Shealy said.



1. Reefer - September 18, 2007

His sister is running for the House (doesn’t she ever want to get a real job?) this time … we wonder what criminal charges will arise from their latest joint effort?

2. pokey - September 18, 2007

Where Rod Jr is, you can bet Rod is nearby. He’s a convenient fall guy to cover Rod’s tracks, but don’t be fooled.

3. Believe It Not - September 18, 2007

If there are political dirty tricks involved in a SC political campaign then you can bet Rod or Rod Jr. are nearby. This does smell like something one of them would do. sic(k) will is also known for political dirty tricks.

Of course since this comes from one of will’s infamous “sources” there is no way to know if there is any truth to it.

4. Earl Capps - September 18, 2007

I’ve heard all sorts of calls have been taking place, both serious and ridiculous, mostly aimed at Erickson. I tend to believe that someone is calling someone.

Phone attacks usually backfire, especially with the kinds of claims being made. I tend to think at least some of them are rogue elements running wild with nobody’s knowledge or sanction.

Let’s face it, politics is strange, and getting even more so every day.

However, if there is a woman drinking like a drunken sailor, I might like to meet her.

5. Refer, pokey, believe it or not. - September 18, 2007

…I love how those jealous of Rod love to bash him…using their secret little “pen names”. Not only are they cowards, but campaign losers too. That is a bad combo in anyone’s book.

Truth is, till there are facts, honorable people will keep idle talk to themselves. Fools will babble on. And babble on. And babble on…and all the while Rod keeps winning elections.

6. thanks - September 18, 2007

thanks for post number 5.

7. Kaolin Kronicle - September 19, 2007

Don’t know about Beaufort but Rod Shealy ran a clean race in Aiken where Bill Hixon finished second. Hixon will take the Aiken County vote that went for Corley (largley former Moore voters) and take the Senate seat.

8. GKP - September 19, 2007

…you mean, except this one, right?

9. Anon (a.k.a. Hugh Leatherman) - September 19, 2007

hey #5: ROD LOST and blew this one with cheap tricks and awful mail.

10. Reefer - September 19, 2007

spell my name right, RJ.

i can tell you never smoked any wacky weed. geez, can’t spell reefer right.

11. refer... - September 19, 2007


I dont think it is very important. so I won’t bother.

But thanks for the tip.

12. Reefer - September 21, 2007

smoking weed isn’t very important? obviously you don’t know your south carolina politics, my friend.

how do you think they set the legislative agenda?

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