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K-Fed Marked For Death? September 17, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

kfed paris


FITSNews – September 17, 2007 – Proving conclusively that white people should never flash gang signs, Entertainment Tonight is reporting that a contract has been put out on Kevin Federline’s life. Apparently the FBI and the LAPD are investigating the threat against K-Fed, the former backup dancer turned Mr. Britney Spears turned world’s worst-selling rap artist ever (pictured above with Paris Hilton).

Wow. This raises all sorts of questions. First of all, how much is K-Fed’s life honestly worth? Homeboy has sold like five records, people. And second of all, what the hell is the FBI doing investigating this? This sounds like something Reno 911! should be looking into, not the feds.

Of course given how “hard” he is, K-Fed probably isn’t scared. Not one bit. As he raps on his provocatively-entitled debut album Playing With Fire: “My crew will come and clobber you/ Let the pope come out/ And watch it swallow you/ Not a pretty boy/ But I look like a model do/ Not a gangster/ But in my life, yeah I’ve fought a few/ Hit the hustle tight now it look/ Like I’m robbing you/ All yours flys/ Watch how I swatted you/ Better think twice how you come at me/ I’m a godfather now.”

Ooooohh … we’re shaking!



1. Dave VanHinkel - September 19, 2007

Um… I’m leaning towards the K-Fed camp. Brit Brit is losing it.

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