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Vanessa Hudgens Is A Tease September 14, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

vanessa hudgens2


FITSNews – September 14, 2007 – Forgive us for telling it like it is, but Hollywood’s latest “it girl” Vanessa Hudgens needs to take some lessons from Miss Nevada when it comes to girl-on-girl experimentation. Seriously, what the hell is this crap? When we tongue kiss other girls, it looks like a big budget Vivid production, not a couple of puppies fighting over the damn spicket.

No joke, we’ve seen action figure makeout sessions between G.I. Joe’s Scarlett and Star Wars’ Princess Leah that are sexier than this. And those b*tches are plastic, people. And only three inches tall.

In fact, last night our favorite stuffed animal “Doggy Daddies” got a little randy and tried to hump Baby Snoopy – and that turned us on a hell of a lot more than this picture does. Wiggling your tongues in the air next to each other is for snakes, little girls. If we wanted to see that crap we could go to the damn reptile exhibit at the zoo.



1. jennifer - September 20, 2007

wow vanessa i tought u well lolz well i hope that u dont do anything crazy anymore becuase i know u r way better than that:):):):) u fan jennifer

2. mary carmen - September 21, 2007

well she got a little bit crazy, but their toungues are not even touching, they are just possing, every girl has its own crazy time, what i don´t aprove are those naked pics. that she took, for impressing zac, but I think thet everybody makes mistakes, and she said sorry, and at the end it is going to be HSM 3 with her in the movie, not other Gabriella, but she was my model to follow, i wish she hadn´t take those pics. that´s why zac broke with her, but now they are back together, i´m so jelouse of her, zac is sooooo cute, but at the same time i´m so happy for them, Vanessa, i hope you don´t do any other crazy stuff, and I hope u can be my model to follow again, and jennifer is right, U R BETTER THAN THAT!!, ur not a bitch like some people say, prove them that u r not, U R A VERY GOOD ACTRESS, AND I IDMIRE U SO MUCH, PLIZ DON´T EVER DO THAT AGAIN. – ur fan Mari Carmen From San pedro sula honduras, but i´m mexican jaja!!

3. jsoh - September 26, 2007


4. abigail - September 27, 2007

eww you r so sick vannessa!!!! first the nude and now this? what the heck is your problem? you disgust me!!!! why would you even try to empress zac with sending nude photo’s of your self. you are such a brat and a drama queen and an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i used to be your fan but since you were being an idiot and showing pictures of your privet places, yuck. and you thought that that would be impressive to him you r such a stupid retard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. cami - September 27, 2007


6. kirby - September 30, 2007

hey baby v
abigail, dont be mean to her she sent them to zac a someone got them when they shouldnt have. so wat she messes around with her bffs like i do! vanessa dont listen to her shes being mean i know u ur kool and u love zac stay that way

7. ¿?sepaaa la bolaa =S - October 1, 2007

waaaaaaakk………… quee ascoo oiess vaneesaa ioo
teee amabaa eraazz zupeerr no pensee que fueraass taaan coochinaaa quee asquerosaaa

8. julieeeee - October 1, 2007

wakala que ascooo oiess
al ratitoo te vass a besarr hayy
noo seass asii mejoorrr
tomaaathee fotooss dondee salgass bieen
y luegoo iaa laass publicass
salee ? pooess iioo me vooy no tengoo que andaarr viendhoo esthass cosasss soonn muuy asqueeroossaass
jajaj pooess byee………….

9. john - October 5, 2007

are you gay

10. carol-ann - October 5, 2007

oh my gosh vanessa, i didn’t know if it was true. but i am still a fan of your high school musical part but , i don’t know about being a fan of vanessa hudgens anymore. i just found out about this also and could not belive it . becouse i mean you playing tha part of gabrealla in high school musical , you seemed soooooooo different. but i guess thats tha part of being an actress.

11. lorena - October 6, 2007

eres una asquerosa

12. kate - October 6, 2007

vanessa i really was a big fan but now you messed your life up. Why did you do it? i saw the pics and i am only ten years old! i cant beleive you.

13. Kirsten - October 7, 2007

get some help dont go posting those on the internet!! little children look at this!

14. jaemee - October 9, 2007

vanessa bkit mo nagawa yoon!

15. felipe dos santos - October 9, 2007

vanessa hudgens td ok it my namy:felipe dos santos
you orkut i msn i e-mail

16. FRED - October 9, 2007

If you do a bit of Photoshop on the nude pic you can see that she has a caesarian section scar. That would explain the year where she didn’t seem to do much in public.

I wonder where the baby is now?

17. Deric - October 14, 2007

i used to be yur fan but now no.i hope you will change i mean you are awesome on high school musical!!you and zac but zac likes you the way you are not the nude way yu are!!please change you ROCK!!

18. pierina - October 15, 2007

vannessa q asco te pasaste aqui en esta foto de la raya

19. Catrina - October 16, 2007

I thought you were wholesome and innocent, like you are in hsm. I guess not. I looked up to u as a role model. Now this happened. Redeem yourself! Please! I new you were to perfect to be true. I’m hoping you will change, ’cause true fans don’t bail on you when u need them the most.

20. biotribe - October 18, 2007

ehh. You must be from usa. Al of you stuipd people

21. Michelle - October 18, 2007

I used to look up to you as role model.I can’t believe u vanessa!i saw thie pic and i’m only 10

22. sophie - October 21, 2007

look honey, i mean now u’ve done it… so there’s nothing u can do about that, but you CAN do something about everything else. try donating a load of money to charity, or taking a long vaccation somewhere to try and forget things.. .jeez, i feel really sorry for you sometimes. It makes my problems look really small. Oh well. hope you do hsm 3
disneyland rox btw

23. Leslie - October 21, 2007

Seriously, this nothing. I’ve seen worse things on Myspace. What IS serious is the naked pictures scandal. It’s really not a big deal of what she did, but because she is a celebrity, she should have been more cautious. The only reason she’s really “sorry” is probably because she got caught. 😛

24. maddieanderson - October 24, 2007

vanessa hudgens is such a stupid girl! thats pathetic and low…its so stupid that she would try something that freakin weird 2 impress her freakin bf, zac. hes not even cute! i cant believe such a “down 2 earth, sweet, sensitive girl” like vanessa would do something like that..

ur stupid vanessa and ur gonna lose all ur fans this way! way 2 go…

25. mel - October 25, 2007

vanessa i dont mean 2 b mean but r u gay or straight cause tis pic aint doin much 4 ur image and the naked pics i saw them and couldnt believe it but then u said sorry so i forgive u cause they were ment 4 zac and the wrong ppl got them so just try 2 4get it cause it not ur fault

26. samantha - November 2, 2007

you are so dicusting for doing that to get zac back and that was just so pathetic of you and why were you going to tounge a girl what are you a lezbo or somthing???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27. samantha - November 2, 2007

i think you are so gross i cant believe you nuded just to get zac back thats so pathetic and it looks like youre about to tounge a girl thats discusting what are you a lezbo or somthing?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28. pearl - November 3, 2007

hey umm……did you get zac back? if you did…..(no offence) ……SLUT! but don’t worry, i’m still a fan. oh! and umm…..there’s a pic. of you without sencors and it kind of looks like you got implants. well, bye now!


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