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Mariah Carey Is Still A Star September 14, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

mariah carey


FITSNews – September 14, 2007 – Our friends over at The Superficial have some new pics of singer Mariah Carey at a recent stamp unveiling in New York. Which is pretty damn awesome for us given our love of philately and all things Mariah. From the story:

Mariah Carey unveiled the new “Jury Duty Postage Stamp” yesterday. The state of New York felt she’d make a great host for the event. Wow. Did they call her mother a whore in the process because why stop at just asking her to unveil stamps? What’s even sadder is she actually accepted the invitation. I guess I can expect to see her cut the ribbon at the new KFC down the block – that is if she fixes herself up a bit. We’re talking fried chicken, people, that’s the big leagues.

Of course this article peaked Sic Willie‘s interest, and he’s now convinced this is his chance to make a move. In fact, he’s practicing in front of mirror with his stamp collection right now. So far his opener is, “I love how you cover all the notes from the alto to coloratura soprano range and can sing in the whistle register, baby. Wanna see my inverted Jenny?” Amazingly, this could work. We were at the DVD store the other day and Carey’s “Glitter” was priced to move at minus $100. That’s right, a crisp Franklin to anyone willing to take the thing off of their hands.



1. cielo - September 23, 2007

hey mariah i luv this guy named abraham ortiz 4m heritage middle scool in berwyn illinois but supossably he does like me wat do i do

plz help

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