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Warren Tompkins Thinks You’re Stupid September 13, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

warren tompkins


FITSNews – September 13, 2007 – We’re not exactly Hercule Poirot here at FITSNews, but there’s a good chance even a retarded cartoon detective could sniff out how monumentally stupid Mitt Romney’s South Carolina campaign has been in attempting to deny any connection between the recent anonymous attack against Fred Thompson and Romney’s top two Palmetto politicos.

Romney’s southeastern strategist Warren Tompkins (fat bald dude, on phone above) and campaign manager Terry Sullivan are not only using the same office space, telephone number and e-mail network as “Under The Power Lines” (the company responsible for the now infamous PhoneyFred.org website) but get this – a search of state records and telephone listings conducted by FITSNews reveals that “Under The Power Lines” itself doesn’t even exist as an official entity in this state.

According to the contact page for “Under The Power Lines” (which Team Tompkins apparently forgot to delete in their recent corporate web purge), the company lists 807 Gervais Street, Suite 202 in Columbia, S.C. as its home address, even bragging about its location “in the historic Dupre building in Columbia’s Congaree Vista.” Of course, that’s the same street and suite address for Warren Tompkins’ firm, TTS consulting. But that’s far from the only connection …

According to the contact page, the phone number for “Under The Power Lines” is listed as 803-931-0850, yet when you dial it up a receptionist answers … wait for it … “TTS consulting.” A quick websearch confirms that “Under The Power Lines” doesn’t even have its own phone number, it just routes callers directly to Tompkins’ firm. On top of that, “Under The Power Lines” still lists its offical e-mail as “wesley@ttspolitical.com,” which again is an e-mail address within Tompkins’ firm.

So … Tompkins and Sullivan are working in the same office space, using the same phone number and sharing the same e-mail network as the group responsible for PhoneyFred.org, yet both individuals claim they knew nothing about the website?


Amazingly, it gets even better …

While Tompkins and Sullivan have registered their directly mail subsidiary, “On The Mark Direct, LLC,” with the S.C. Secretary of State’s office (it’s registered in Sullivan’s name, as a matter of fact), “Under The Power Lines” is not even listed as a registered corporation in the State of South Carolina. That’s right … it technically doesn’t even exist.

Of course TTS consulting itself might as well not even exist right now, considering the corporate website has been down since the news of PhoneyFred-gate broke earlier this week.

You know, the only people brain-damaged enough at this point not to see a legitimate FEC violation here probably do live under power lines. Well, either that or they’re named Warren Tompkins or Terry Sullivan.

The Romney campaign has clearly expended in-kind corporate funds with the specific intention of influencing the outcome of a federal election. Using a shell corporation operated by Tompkins and Sullivan’s company, they’ve deliberately smeared another candidate, which is more than just wrong, sleazy or desperate, it’s illegal according to FEC law.

It’s not that this is anything new for Tompkins, it’s just this time he got caught.



1. Yahoo - September 13, 2007


U nailed it…

Thanks for the good work. If only the State Newspaper were not so lazy…

2. Finley Peter Dunne - September 13, 2007

Good work Willy!!!

3. Believe It Not - September 13, 2007

News will. News. We want news. Wacko comments sell ‘papers,’ but they have little real value. Keep in mind 99 and 44/100’s percent of political consultants (like you claim to be) make the others look bad.

How many anonymous posts have you made on political web sites?

If you reply (you’re getting smarter, so you probably won’t), please use an accurate number. By the way, you’re not as smart as you think you are. 🙂 Don’t you have a birthday coming up soon?? Party?? Invite??

4. Harold Hanly - September 13, 2007

It is amazing the things people think they can get away with.

My favorite sideshow to the whole thing was the whistling-past-the-graveyard response of Scott Talley when Dan Hoover asked him about it: “No dice.” What eloquence.


5. k - September 13, 2007

Romney Leadership PAC – personal slush fund
Magizine: Fortune July 9, 2007, page 60-61 “Race for the White House, Mitt Romney”

Romney aggressively took advantage of a loophole that allows donors to contribute to PAC affiliates in multiple states all at one time. He set up affiliate PACs in Iowa, SC, NH, Arizonia, and Michigan. (The most an individual can contribute to a Federal PAC is $5,000 annually; state PACs have different, typically higher limits. A dozen states have no limit at all, including Michigan and Iowa.)
Last year Lee Munder, a Flordia investment adviser, gave Romney: $5,000 Federal, $5,000 New Hampshire, $18,250 Iowa, $18,250 Michigan, and $3,500 South Carolina. (Romney can not use this money to fund his campaign now that he is an official candidate, but he can still give the funds to state Republicans candidates to build his power base.)

6. Mr. Business - September 14, 2007

Can’t we just all get along

7. sam shanely - September 14, 2007

What’s better: Reading Will Folks or reading his ‘bio’ as it appears in this issue featuring Tomkins Thinks You’re Stupid.
The writting style is more than just a breath of fresh air. Which it is but to this SC native and expatriate for some fifty yeras you guys and girsls (I presume) are a life saver.
Those fifty years were, by the way, spent mostly in the AD/Publishing Biz working the trench’s called Madison Av. Wilshire Blvd and Mich Blvd and while I do not miss the business I do miss the quickness of foot required to participate verbally and other wise.
I had many occassions to call on one of the ‘Ad’ biggies back when who prominantly displayed a banner on the wall behind his desk that read ” IF THEY CAN’T TAKE A JOKE FUCKEM”. If prospective clients could get past that take on life then they had a chance to hire a pure big time winner.
You all have a same sense of life and I love it.


Sam Shanely
North Myrtle Beach SC

8. romney facts - September 14, 2007

Romney would never do this. Never! But I would.

9. Links for 2007-09-14 [del.icio.us] - September 15, 2007

[…] Warren Tompkins Thinks You’re Stupid « FITSNews For Now […]

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