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Surprise, Surprise September 10, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries, SC Politics.

terry sullivan


FITSNews – September 10, 2007 – We’re used to covering the not-so-stealth exploits of the retard brigade currently running Mitt Romney’s South Carolina campaign, but you had to figure at some point that Terry Sullivan and his not-so-merry band of knuckle-dragging mouth breathers would eventually learn how to anonymously attack somebody without getting caught. It’s not that hard, guys! Anyway, according to today’s Washington Post Blog, Sullivan and his Internet goon squad have been caught in the act once again, this time getting fingered as the creators of PhoneyFred.org, a would-be anonymous website attacking former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson.

Nowhere on the site does it indicate who is responsible for it. But a series of inquiries leads directly to the website of Under the Power Lines, the political consulting firm of Warren Tompkins, Romney’s lead consultant in South Carolina.

Nice job (again), geniuses. It’s probably worth noting that the Mitt-ites, who like to whine like a bunch of toddlers anytime their candidate gets called out for one of his numerous flip-flops, have previously branded their non-anonymous detractors as “desperate campaigns” employing “desperate tactics.” So … now that the baby boot is squarely on the other foot, what was Team Flipper’s reaction? According to the Post story, “a spokesman for Romney’s campaign said he would look into questions about the anti-Thompson site.”

Don’t expect a Spanish inquisition, people.

The interesting thing about this story isn’t that Romney’s South Carolina campaign is run by a bunch of hypocritical slimeballs (people have known that for years), it’s that they’re so incredibly stupid about it. Seriously, these guys are about as covert as a float in the Rose Bowl parade.

Perhaps if Sullivan and his cronies spent a little less time getting plastered at local bars telling everybody within earshot how brilliant they are, some of this Internet thuggery might be a little easier to pull off next time.

UPDATE – Amazingly, there’s no coverage of this snafu over on Romney’s in-state web mouthpiece. Just a lot of anti-Fred Thompson stories, believe it or not.



1. baked - September 11, 2007

are those power lines located anywhere near barnwell?

2. schotline - September 11, 2007

“Seriously, these guys are about as covert as a float in the Rose Bowl parade.” Stop it your killing us, ROFL.

3. Make me laugh - September 12, 2007

Hey! We don’t call him “Tard Terry” for nothing!

4. Jim - September 14, 2007

And you believe what’s in the “Washington Post-hole”? The same folks in league with the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Herald are to believed?
What a bunch of brain-frozen dregs.

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