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S.C. Students Show Little Progress September 8, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

Kids In Class Room Bad


FITSNews – September 8, 2007 – South Carolina’s super-expensive annual reminder of how badly we’re failing our kids came out earlier this week as the Ministry of Monopolistic Moronisitude released the latest Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test (PACT) results. Clearly, they’re using the term “achievement” somewhat loosely, as only 16% of our 8th graders are proficient in Social Studies, 20% proficient in Math and 25% proficient in English.

What’s interesting is that 41% of these same kids were proficient in English (and 31% in Math) back when they were in the 3rd grade, meaning that our public schools are actually making them dumber. And while the anti-choice educrats b*tch and moan (again) about not having enough money, we’d like to point out that taxpayers forked over an additional $1 billion on public education over the last four years, which given these results might as well have gone toward quarter bags and rolling papers.

Incidentally, in addition to our state not being able to educate our kids for sh*t, South Carolina’s testing system is one of the nation’s most expensive to administer and doesn’t provide teachers or parents with the information they need to help students learn from their mistakes.

As Spartanburg School District 3 Superintendent Dr. Jim Ray was quoted recently, “PACT is useless as an instructional tool.”

Sounds a lot like our education system in general …



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