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Todd The Dog’s Facebook Nation September 7, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Good Stuff.

todd bed


FITSNews – September 7, 2007 – In the latest sign that political campaigns are leveraging the vast and heretofore unexplored organizational capabilites of networking websites like Facebook and My Space, Republican Secretary of State candidate Todd L. Tomlinson (above, preparing for a radio appearance) today announced that his Facebook group has added its ninth member, a stunning feat considering his primary election against GOP incumbent Mark Hammond is still two-and-a-half years away.

By comparison, less than three months before his November 2006 election, former State Treasurer Grady Patterson’s Facebook Nation consisted of only five members. And Patterson was an incumbent. As well as a non-canine.

Incidentally, if this isn’t the most elaborate justification for Sic Willie to openly advertise that he’s now stalking young college girls on Facebook like the out-of-shape, thirty-something sleazeball that he is, then color us retarded. Who’s Todd the Dog’s ninth friend? Jeez. Take a guess, people.

UPDATE – No, no, no … believe it or not, Facebookers, searching for his real name doesn’t work. It’s actually Sic Willie.



1. will sux - September 7, 2007

what a sleaze. you are just going on facebook to stalk college-aged girls will. pathetic.

2. holly golightly - September 7, 2007

you got approval from the other membership? i am shocked.

did you get approval from toddy?

i think i’m going to call for a recount.

3. E - September 7, 2007

Thats why everyone is on Facebook

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