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Spamming In The Land Of Long Duk Dong September 6, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Good Stuff.

long duk dong


FITSNews – September 6, 2007 – So it turns out that S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford’s delegation to China is having some trouble pulling up our bountiful Internet content over in the Land of Long Duk Dong. Which is too bad, because we’re all about the hits, baby. We knew the Chinese were censoring Pirates of the Caribbean and Dan Tripp’s Red State Leader (perhaps they fear a coup attempt given its name), but seriously, what the hell is so revolutionarily inappropriate about our content?

Anyway, it turns out those crafty Chinese censors are not as smart as they think they are. That’s because we are skilled in the ways of Fau Mu Laka Kou, which is Chinese for “Control C, Control V.” Or “copy and paste” to the layperson. And we know how to e-mail. That’s right, b*tches. In about 15 minutes turn on CNN cause you’re gonna see some crazy sh*t going down in Tiananmen Square. Our cell leaders are about to rise up and get their democracy on!

All that’s left will be for historians to debate our proper place in history. For example, are we as heroic as that young Chinese student who stood in front of the tanks eighteen years ago? Duh. Of course.

UPDATE – The word back from our dissident brothers and sisters is that we’re apparently being censored in China because we made fun of them here, and here, and again here and possibly even here.



1. redstateleader - September 7, 2007

hey, Will. Remember that time I called you a d***head out at the home for wayward boys??? I take it back 🙂 Thanks for the love. clicks are through the roof! Keep up the good work. Please be sure to give my love to the Fits Girls.

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