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Heidi & Lauren Need To, Like, Hug It Out Or Something September 3, 2007

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heidi montag


FITSNews – September 3, 2007 – So we were watching ‘The Hills‘ last night for the first time and as far as we can tell this is the exact same show as 90210. Well, except without the ugly chick. Which means that like Melrose, OC and Laguna Beach, we’re officially hooked for life. Anyway, in case you missed last night’s episode, “Rolling With My Enemy,” the love quadrangle between Lauren, Brody, Heidi and Spencer (who we’re pretty sure is either gay or impotent) is evidently getting out of hand:

Back at Heidi and Spencer’s apartment, Heidi shares the news of the Brody/Lauren pairing to Spencer. Although he says it’s like “hell freezing over,” he suggests that the two need each other … At Teen Vogue the next morning, Whitney and Lauren sort through clothing while Lauren recaps her night at Les Deux. When Lauren reveals that Spence isn’t returning any of Brody’s phone calls, Whitney calls out Spencer’s actions as immature.

Believe it or not Teen Vogue readers, Spencer is in fact very immature. They all are. And while we’d like to help resolve the tension by putting each one of these narcissistic embryos into a gigantic human blender, they’re just too damn pretty. Especially Heidi (above), who singlehandedly prevented Sic Willie from flipping the channel back to the Clemson-Florida State game for, like, a whole hour. The constant petty backstabbing of ‘The Hills’ is actually a lot like South Carolina politics, except instead of Lauren, Brody, Heidi and Spencer we get to look at Annette Young, Hugh Leatherman, Joan Brady and Dan Cooper. Sure, the maturity level is about the same, but nobody’s a communist on this show and sadly, nobody has an Egg-tooth.



1. Dave VanHinkel - September 6, 2007

I look at this picture and all I can think about is motorboating.


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