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People Are Sensitive September 2, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Good Stuff.

touch don’t look


FITSNews – September 2, 2007 – So it turns out there are some people who don’t think we’re all that funny here at FITSNews. Which is shocking, because next to What Would Tyler Durden Do?, we happen to be the funniest blog on the planet.

Anyway, the word on the mean streets of Columbia, S.C. is that Sic Willie is about to be named as a defendant in a civil action filed by some pretty rich and powerful people. Even more shocking is the fact that the individuals rumored to be behind the lawsuit are all charter members of the failed South Carolina status quo we’ve been busting on every chance we get.

We first heard the rumor like two weeks ago, but our attorneys wouldn’t let us write about it until they’d done their due diligence, which basically consisted of typing the words “First Amendment” into an Internet search engine. They may have even saved some time by pressing the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google.

And of course for fifteen seconds of “legal work” we’re out like eleventy kabillion dollars. Damn, lawyers live good.



1. Free Willie - September 2, 2007

I just orderd 100 “Free Willie” Tshirts…

if Willie autographs them they will be worth more…and more still if Willie goes to the slammer.

2. Clay Pit Crew - September 2, 2007

Hey Sic Willie… We folks at the CPC loves your stuff. We figure we can’t be too far behind you on First Amendment grounds. Thin-skinned politicians and liars (there’s a difference?) should stay away from reading blogs if they get their feelings hurt easily. Keep up the good work. We thinks you is funny.

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