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Michigan Marching Band Curse Lives On September 2, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Sports.

michigan jinx2


FITSNews – September 2, 2007 – Yesterday, Division I-AA Appalachian State pulled off the greatest upset in college football history by defeating the fifth-ranked Michigan Wolverines 34-32 at the “Big House” in Ann Arbor. The Mountaineers’ win – the first ever by a Division I-AA team against a nationally-ranked Division I-A opponent – may have shocked the world, but not us.

As FITSNews first reported back in January, Michigan suffered a complete and total collapse in the second half of the 2007 Rose Bowl against Southern California just moments after its marching band broke the sacred “No Stairway to Heaven” commandment during the game’s halftime show.

Clearly, the Guitar Gods have not finished extracting their revenge on Big Blue. Appalachian State may indeed have a “championship culture” (the school has won consecutive I-AA national titles) and the spread offense may be the “great equalizer” in college football, but you just can’t play “Stairway to Heaven” and expect to get away with it, people.

Michigan needs to find a live chicken or something … and fast.



1. Clay Pit Crew - September 2, 2007

Gamecock is not on Michigan’s menu this year.

2. Mary (formally from Michigan now lives in Las Vegas - September 2, 2007

Fire Lloyd Carr, he should have been fired after last season or even the one before. He has no idea how to coach a team he just got lucky that one year to have a winning team. I’m sick of Michigan not being prepared for a game and that is the coaching getting the guys ready. I’m a true blue fan and always will be BUT Lloyd Carr must go.

3. fredrn - September 4, 2007

I draw the line at ANYONE messing with the Michigan BAND! Hammer Carr and the team, but leave the BAND alone! They should not have to share in the SHAME OR BLAME!!!!

4. FITSNews - September 4, 2007


The “No Stairway” rule is not to be trifled with. Play Lawrence Welk, play Barry Manilow, play friggin’ Bon Jovi if you want, but the Wolverines are learning the hard way not to mess with the Stairway.

In fact, we actually played the song backward the other day and we could have sworn it said “if Southern Cal is in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now, it’s just a spring clean for Mounties. Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, Appalachian State still spanked that Division I ass.”


5. MMBStick - November 18, 2007

We definitely played “Stairway to Heaven” for Vanderbilt and Notre Dame last year–both of them wins.

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