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Roscoe & Romney? August 31, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

roscoe romney


FITSNews – August 31, 2007 – Usually you have to actually be the President to get a police motorcade that can break the speed limit, run stops signs, force traffic to pull over and basically scare the sh*t out of everybody on the road with flashing sirens and blue lights. That’s generally not the type of service provided to somebody who’s just running for president … especially if they’re polling in single digits. Anyway, leave it to presidential wanna-be Mitt Romney to roll through rural South Carolina today with a Roscoe P. Coltrane-style police escort, acting all Billy Bad Ass in front of a bunch of backwoods folk in Saluda County. From the AP report:

The motorcade of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney exceeded speed limits and went through stop lights Friday as local law officers escorted him, blue lights flashing, to campaign events in two South Carolina counties.

Traffic pulled over for Romney’s caravan as Saluda County Sheriff Jason Booth, a Romney supporter, led the candidate’s motor home and staff cars with his blue lights running from the Aiken County line through Saluda County to the Newberry city limits, according to an Associated Press reporter following the candidate.

The caravan traveled between 10 mph and 15 mph over posted speed limits.

”I wanted to make sure he stays safe and gets to where he’s going,” Booth told The Associated Press.

Asked whether it’s proper to use flashing police lights to escort a candidate, he said, ”I’m not getting into this with you, sir. I have no comment.”

Good God. Was there a bassett hound named “Flash” in the front seat of the lead car by any chance? And since when did roads and stop signs start popping up in Saluda County? We didn’t think they’d even discovered the wheel yet.

For the record, when our motorcade rolls through South Carolina there’s no need for flashing blue lights and wailing sirens. People just naturally back the f*ck off out of respect. Then we get our “creep” on. Actually, it’s a lot like a Dr. Dre video, except with white people. “Rolling in our 64, wit all our dogz singin: Swing down, sweet chariot stop and let FITS ride, motherf*cka.”



1. file a complaint - August 31, 2007

It looks like the Romney’s club for ethics law violators has added a new member. Tsk, tsk……….

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