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How Low Can They Go, Pt. II August 29, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.



FITSNews – August 29, 2007 – A week ago, we reported on a Gallup poll which showed public approval ratings for the U.S. Congress had plummeted to an all-time low of 18%. Today, a poll released by Rasmussen further confirmed the depths to which America’s trust in its government has sunk. From its latest survey of 1,200 likely voters (conducted August 24-26), Rasmussen says:

Voters continue to look askance at the performance of the U.S. Congress. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey indicates that only 17% are able to say that the performance of that legislative body is ‘Good’ (15%) or ‘Excellent’ (2%). A little more than a third (36%) say it’s ‘Fair,’ a plurality of 45% deem it ‘Poor.’

The poll, which was taken prior to the latest breaking Congressional scandal involving Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, is nonetheless the third straight Rasmussen survey showing Congressional approval languishing in the upper teens.

The good news for Congress is that … actually, scratch that … there really isn’t any good news. We thought the fact that 2% of America still thinks its leaders are doing an ‘Excellent’ job might have qualified as a silver lining, but then we remembered that 2% of Americans are probably going to vote for Ron Paul. Idiots on opposite ends of the political spectrum canceling each other out isn’t progress, people, it’s just idiots canceling each other out.



1. Alexia - August 29, 2007

There’s no excuse for supporting either the Republicans or the Democrats.

2. Jen P - August 29, 2007

You really do owe it to yourselves and your readers to learn about what Ron Paul actually stands for. There are definitely some crazy, crazy people who are into him, and I used to dismiss him because of that. Then I did some research, and for the first time in a decade I’m actually excited about politics. Look into him — you might find yourselves as happily surprised as I was.

3. FITSNews - August 29, 2007

You know we hear if you do some research on electroshock therapy you might find yourself happily surprised as well. But only if the thing isn’t plugged in.


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