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South Carolina Is Full Of Fat People August 27, 2007

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fat ass


FITSNews – August 27, 2007 – We wrote just last week about how South Carolinians were getting fatter, and how our state’s growing obesity problem was causing all sorts of chronic diseases among our citizens. Today, a report shows that the Palmetto state is indeed the fifth-fattest in the nation, a three-spot jump from its 2006 ranking.

According to the report, 27.8% of South Carolina adults are obese, a 1.6% increase from last year. In 2004, South Carolina ranked 13th in the nation with a 24.5% obesity rate. For the first time ever, the report also looked at childhood obesity, with South Carolina ranking 7th in the nation with 17.9% of our kids qualifying as obese.

Actually, this is encouraging news – at least it is if you’re a Social Darwinist who wants South Carolinians to perish en masse as a result of heart disease, diabetes, stroke death and cancer. If not, then it’s probably pretty sh*tty news.



1. schotline - August 28, 2007

Just what we needed to see at 600am as we feed The Gorilla.

2. FITSNews - August 28, 2007


We don’t know what you mean by “feeding the Gorilla,” but it doesn’t sound good …


3. Carl - August 28, 2007

Unfortunately we have too many people eating much more beef and pork than they should. Eating less meat each week and consuming more fruits and vegetables, not sugared or overcooked either, will help curb obesity. And quit ordering so many large burgers, fries, and sugary soft drinks or shakes every day.

Our educational system is failing our kids because they aren’t teaching proper nutrition and health practices, but perhaps many instructors are ignorant themselves. Plus the parents themselves are so out of shape themselves due to bad eating habits that we can’t put the blame on the young people.

But, I guess it doesn’t really matter to the parents or schools as long as the kids have good self esteem.

4. Believe It Not - August 29, 2007

VOUCHERS!! Will, You forgot to tell everyone we need VOUCHERS to fix the obesity problem in S.C.

And, we have got to get back to our email newsletter list. You are just censoring too many of our insightful and humorous posts. Not to worry! You will be top on the list for the first copy!

5. FITSNews - August 29, 2007


You’re really not bringing the funny these days, are you?


6. Safire - August 29, 2007

Much love from Sumter SOUTH CAROLINA!!

7. ATL Momma - September 5, 2007

I just returned from a very wonderful and relaxing trip in MB, SC .
However, I am NOT surprised by these obese stats. The people there….well around 30% of the crowds were….very fat. The kids were fat, and both the parents and children were cosuming nothing but fries, red meat and sodas. I would never let myself or my children put themselves in that kind of danger with their health.

I think SC is a beautiful state with gorgeous beaches and lovely people. I hope that they can pull themselves out of this “HEAVY” state!

8. SC Beach Bum - September 11, 2007

Duh… ATL Momma did you ask all of these people you saw where they were from? Chances are at MB in the summer most were not from here as most locals avoid the beaches in the summer. Too many litterbugs, rude drivers and such coming into our beautiful state and beaches.

My wife is originally from Atlanta and we travel there frequently. We haven’t exactly been overwhelmed by all of the skinny people walking around there. SC has 27.9% and GA 26.15 – about 5-6 states behind SC in most studies. You aren’t exactly the shining example. Obesity is a national epidemic and estimates say by 2022 over 80% of our nation will be dangerously overweight.

For the record, my wife and I are both in our 40s, athletic and ripped. As fitness professionals we look for solutions… not the ‘holier than thou’ attitude’. “Cosume” what you want… just do it in Atlanta! We won’t miss you!

SC Beach Bum

9. Chad from NOLA - October 11, 2007

SC Beach Bum, I think YOU are the one with the holier than thou attitude.

ATL Momma just stated the facts…nothing more. If you can’t deal with it, that’s your problem.

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