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State Attorney General To Investigate Nuclear Dump? August 26, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

toxic waste


FITSNews – August 26, 2007 – The website Palmetto Scoop is reporting today that S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster could be preparing to investigate whether or not legislators were intentionally misled earlier this year about the risks associated with keeping open a nuclear dumping ground in Barnwell County. As we reported back in March, the legislative campaign to leave the site open for additional dumping was managed by the lobbying firm Tompkins & Kinard, which is owned by presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s lead S.C. consultant, Warren Tompkins. From the Scoop story:

Attorney General Henry McMaster may soon launch an inquiry into whether or not high radioactive pollution levels at the Barnwell Chem-Nuclear site were intentionally concealed from state legislators deliberating the future of the facility … sources have informed (Palmetto Scoop) that McMaster will summon officials from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and Chem-Nuclear officials and lobbyists to appear before him in the next few days.

Seriously, this couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people. In fact, we think if these ass-clowns are found guilty of lying to legislators (who aren’t especially bright to begin with, remember), then the punishment ought to fit the crime. Specifically, we’d recommend setting them up in a couple of those State Fair-style dunking booths, except instead of water beneath them it’d be a vat of toxic waste. That’s what we call good, clean, family fun, people!



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