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More Fun With The Young Republicans August 22, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

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FITSNews – August 22, 2007 – We about fell out of our chairs when a friend of ours up in D.C. forwarded us an invite to the latest Young Republicans get-together. Apparently, our light-hearted reference to the group as the “The Land of 1,000 Virgins” actually made its way into the organization’s new promotional materials. From the official “Politics and Pig Skin” invite:

Will Folks has often described College and Young Republican organizations as the land of 10,000 virgins, and there has been some truth to that statement in the past. But we’re seeking to shed that image by planning some really entertaining events, and inviting some really fun people to attend.

Somebody better call June and Ward immediately, because it sure sounds to us like Wally and the Beaver are planning on hiring some strippers for this thing. Which would actually be kind of fun. Maybe they’ll even have nude Jell-O wrestling pits or midgets on rollerblades, because no party is truly complete without strippers covered in Jell-O chasing after a bunch of midgets on rollerblades. Party on, Young Republicans, party on.



1. Like, yeah... - August 24, 2007

The first thing that comes to my mind…

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