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Sam Brownback – Man Or Afro-Man? August 17, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.



FITSNews – August 17, 2007 – We’ve made fun of GOP presidential hopeful Sam Brownback on several occasions here at FITSNews, but until today we hadn’t noticed that the rightest of right wing Republican candidates pretty much has a pube forest happening on top of his head. Time for a Brazilian, baby! Or as Treach from Naughty by Nature once said, “Smoothe it out now.”

Aside from his ‘kinky do,’ however, Brownback is quite useful in illustrating the increasing prominence of fellow Republican Mitt Romney‘s so-called “conversion” strategy with GOP voters. Brownback, who has been giving Romney holy hell for the former Massachusetts’ governor’s flip-flops on practically every issue under the sun, is now being blasted by Romney’s S.C. mouthpiece as nothing less than an intolerant church lady who refuses to accept new believers to the fold:

Sam Brownback’s holier-than-thou attitude is the embodiment of everything that drives people away from values positions. Instead of welcoming converts and folks who are more with you than not, Brownback’s team chastises every candidate who isn’t 100% with him. Guess what Team Brownback…that means you chastise most Americans too telling them “you aren’t good enough to be a Republican.” And even worse, Brownback’s team makes people feel like “you aren’t good enough to be a Christian.”

Not surprisingly, this echoes Romney’s whole South Carolina strategy – specifically that the state’s GOP electorate (a significant chunk of which is slightly to the right of Attila the Hun) should embrace him as “social conservative convert” similar to Ronald Reagan. Of course, the only problem with Romney’s “convert” plan is that people simply aren’t buying it.

Like a guy who shows up at church just to make time with the preacher’s daughter (ahem, Sic Willie), Romney’s claim to have “seen the light” has nothing to do with a change of heart and everything to do with what he erroneously believes is in his best political interests.

Which is sad, because Romney actually has a decent fiscal conservative record, and South Carolina is a state with a growing fiscal conservative focus. Translation? He’s preaching to the wrong choir and doing a piss poor job of it because it just isn’t authentic.

Just as there’s nothing the GOP faithful love more than a real convert (like Reagan), there’s nothing they hate more than a fake one.



1. baked - August 17, 2007

The term “holier than thou” must be hot amongst the pollsters this time around. First Mrs Edwards…now Mitt.

2. Crass - August 18, 2007

Will described Brownback’s hair as a “pube forest.” Classy, Will.

Now, everyone knows Will has among the lowest standards around.

You know, lower that a snake’s belly in a wagon rut.

Lower than whale poop on the sea floor.

Lower than a well digger’s butt.

Lower than a political consultant. We could go on and on…

But, his use of “pube forest” brings one word to mind: crass

3. Jim - August 22, 2007

The Romney people are practicing politics by attacking Brownback, because Sam has great grass roots appeal and once he gets going Romney and Huckabee can’t stop him and Brownback will pass both of them. But you still wonder, which Romney guy wrote that? What Brownback people is he talking about, making him feel put down by highlighting Brownback’s solid leadership on the pro-life issue? Somebody in Iowa? . I am one of the “Brownback people” in SC and I can tell you the insults are being hurled one way. Ex. A Romney Faith & Values Co-Chair calls Brownback a “bottom feeder” a “bozo” and a “loser” in June and there is no apology. The post is still there: http://www.mymanmitt.com/mitt-romney/2007_06_10_archive.asp .
Sam Brownback’s commercials and responses in Iowa are at : http://youtube.com/watch?v=PP76G-GsDjk.
Then a Brownback low staffer passes on an e-mail from someone else questioning the Mormon faith to five (5) people and Sam makes a public apology to Romney. The person also almost got fired. Before that there was the Romney campaign official in who in December or January sent an e-mail to pastors saying Romney was like Brownback claiming Sam was also once pro-choice! The unatributed and unexplained source? A guy who said he “felt” that Brownback “might” have “waivered” on the issue around 1994. Too many people think you can make anything appear like anything that suits you and that there are no consequences, that there is no real objective truth. They are the same people who support a guy who, allegorically, commited murder and says your candidate should be given the same punishment for stepping off the curb outside the cross walk- technically jay walking – becasue both people committed crimes. That’s not America, or at least not the best in American.
Check out http://www.brownback.com

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