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Why We Hate Mitt Romney So Much August 14, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

jessica alba


FITSNews – August 14, 2007 – For months now, people have just assumed that we’re getting paid by somebody to bash former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. And we wish we were, because that would be money we could spend on stuff like philately, sparklers and chimmy chongas – which collectively represent like half of our operating budget. Of course, the truth is we bash Romney because this is America, we get to say what we think, and we happen to think that the guy is a flat-out fraud, something that was on display yet again this week.

After Romney’s campaign whined like a bunch of 3-year old girls to The State newspaper Sunday about how much they hate being attacked, Romney himself turned around and attacked former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on the immigration issue. Of course like everything Romney does, the attack turned out to be yet another glaring example of his irrepressible hypocrisy.

Seriously, if this guy isn’t struck by lightning at some point during the 2008 campaign there’s no justice in the world. After all, it’s one thing to flip-flop on every issue under the sun in an effort to fool people into thinking you’re something you’re not, but Romney is now taking the art of bullsh*t to a whole new level – attacking people for doing the same stuff he did.

Romney’s latest swipe alleges that Hizzoner Giuliani is “soft on immigration” because he turned New York into a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants.

Of course what Romney failed to mention was that three cities in Massachusetts formally declared themselves to be “sanctuary cities” (i.e. cities that promise to provide government services to illegal immigrants) during his term as governor, and Romney did absolutely nothing about it.

From today’s AP story:

“Romney’s being a hypocrite on this issue,” said Joseph Curtatone, the Democratic mayor of Somerville, MA since 2004. “I did not receive any mandate, any communication, anything at all from him about this. If it’s so important to him why didn’t he have the state police enforcing it?”

Curtatone, president of the Massachusetts Mayors Association, adds that his May 2006 declaration of Somerville as a “city of hope” committed to providing services to illegal immigrants was just official recognition of what exists everywhere in his state.

“I don’t know of any community in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts — whether by official declaration or by their action — who has not adopted the same policy,” he said. “I never heard Gov. Romney bring it up one way or another.”

That Romney is guilty of precisely the same thing he accused an opponent of is no big shock. In fact, it’s a lot like opening a box of Corn Flakes and discovering … wait for it … Corn Flakes.

But it does go to the heart of why we can’t stand the guy. There’s only so much bullsh*t we can take, and he dispenses in a day what it takes most politicians a career to accumulate.

So to all you Romney supporters out there (editor’s note: including the four of you in South Carolina), we’ll make you a deal – we’ll stop bashing your guy the day something that isn’t bullsh*t comes out of his mouth.



1. baked - August 14, 2007

Been reading for several weeks…dig your stuff.

Couldn’t agree more on Mitt. I understand someone can evolve on issues…but he seems to have evolved on most of them. That’s a little scary…as is his hair. And his voice. And his name. A little too Stepford for me.

2. nate - August 14, 2007

and Rudy doesn’t speak bullsh** on a regular basis?

There is a difference in Mitt’s complaint. He has been asked the same question on abortion 917 times. He has given the same answer 917 times. It gets old. On the other hand, nobody has ever asked Rudy about his immigration record. It’s a first.

3. Newspaper Hack - August 15, 2007

It’s too bad that Romney’s going to be your nominee. Welcome to the Suck. Now you know how Dems felt about getting the back-to-back brilliance of Gore and Kerry.

4. mish - August 15, 2007

Actually, this kind of flip flopping is inherent in Mormonism.

Check out


for the details.

Like Mormonism, the blog isn’t what it seems.

(Funny photos too!)

5. RINO Buster - August 16, 2007

Jessica is one HOT BABE!!!!

6. Tyler Winn - November 29, 2007

Just out of curiosity, who are you backing in this election?

7. Mitt Romney a phony conservative - Debate Politics Forums - December 6, 2007

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