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Amy Winehouse Is A Wuss August 14, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

amy winehouse


FITSNews – August 14, 2007 – We have no idea who Amy Winehouse is, but apparently she’s quite famous … and not just because she looks like the celebrity offspring of Cher and Andre the Giant.

Winehouse is also famously going to rehab after reportedly taking a drug cocktail that included heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and ketamine, which is a horse tranquilizer.

Wait, that’s it? Amy clearly isn’t applying herself here, people. Those silly “smack-X-coke-ketamine” cocktails (a.k.a. “Mister Ed-balls”) are so last week. The cool kids are actually snorting anthrax and washing it down with plutonium shooters.

Come to think of it, our drug use here at FITSNews is pretty intimidating in its own right. In fact, we took a Citrus-flavored Goody’s headache powder just last week and when our heads still hurt later that afternoon we took not one but TWO Tylenol PM’s. “Badasses of the Universe?” Bet your Mr. Ed-balls we are.



1. upstater - August 14, 2007

I think that “Rehab” song is really quite good.

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