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Romney’s Buyin’ Votes Again August 10, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

Romney Care


FITSNews – August 10, 2007 – We’ve got to give former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a little bit of credit. If you’re going to spend campaign money like its going out of style, buying votes at a straw poll is at least an investment that produces a tangible result. Of course when everybody finds out that’s what you’re up to it kind of takes the wind out of the proverbial sails of victory … which is precisely why the Romney campaign’s no-holds-barred effort to win tomorrow’s Ames Iowa Straw Poll is politically meaningless. According to this morning’s Wall Street Journal:

The Ames straw poll isn’t really a poll — it’s a fund-raising event for the Iowa Republican Party and as such, a measure of campaign organization and resources. (Iowa Democrats don’t have a parallel event). Tickets to attend cost $35 and candidates traditionally underwrite the cost for supporters. Iowa Republicans say they expect Mr. Romney to purchase about 10,000 tickets to the event for supporters. A spokesman for Mr. Romney, Kevin Madden, called that number “grossly inflated” but declined to say how many tickets the campaign would buy. Any Iowa resident who attends can vote.

So yeah, it’s incredibly scientific in that it can accurately predict which candidate bought the most votes. Anyway, the top three GOP contenders – Giuliani, Thompson and McCain – are all skipping the event, whose former winners include the likes of Pat Robertson and Phil Gramm (editor’s note: “winners” obviously being somewhat loosely-defined).



1. Believe It Not - August 13, 2007

Our insightful and informative post comparing Rich’s purchasing of members of the Legislature to your “vote buying” allegations against Romney must have struck close to home since you won’t post it.

Hit you right in the bread basket didn’t it. You are still taking money from them, ain’t ya?!

2. FITSNews - August 13, 2007


Actually, no. But we understand that simplistic brains need simplistic explanations.


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