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Bullsh*t It Ain’t … August 9, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

easy button


FITSNews – August 9, 2007 – We probably should’ve known better than to shop at Staples – the office supply “superstore” founded by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney‘s venture capital firm – but damn if that “Easy Button” didn’t look enticing.

Of course we realized this afternoon that “easy” is the last word we would use to describe Sic Willie‘s ill-fated attempt at assembling the company’s new Durham Four-Drawer File Cabinet.

To the Sic One’s credit, the fact that the company included five “right inner drawer panels” and only three “left inner draw panels” makes properly assembling a “four-drawer file cabinet” somewhat difficult. Of course we’re not quite sure it should’ve taken him eight hours to figure that out. We’re also not quite ready to accept Sic Willie’s belief that the whole episode is part of a massive Mitt Romney conspiracy that “reaches to the highest levels of the Staples organization.”



1. Believe It Not - August 9, 2007

Odd post, but it tells a story. First, Will loves to pick an argument and attack people (or businesses) for no real reason. Reasonable people would acknowledge the part error as “one of those things” and would have kept their blood pressure down by just returning it.

Not our sic(k) Will. He has to manufacture a political attack.

Second, it tells us Will needs a real job to start some real cash flow so he doesn’t have to buy discount do-it-yourself furniture.

Finally, why in the world does he need a 4 drawer file cabinet?

Blog records are electronic. And, if he needs to store ViewPolitik customer files, well, a shoe box would be big enough. He’d also have room in it for an apple, a banana and a cheese sandwich.

2. Anonymous - August 9, 2007

Um, BIN? I very much doubt Will would go near an apple or banana. One only has to look at how seldom he responds to your posts to see how fruit-adverse he is.

3. Believe It Not - August 10, 2007

Um, Anonymous, was that clever little arrow fired as an insult?

If so, was it directed at us, Will or “fruits.” And, if the latter, are you showing homophobia, or was that the closest thing in your quiver to an intelligent retort? We’ll watch for your future posts. Time will tell.

You do bring to mind a quote. It goes well with your comment:

“Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.”
Groucho Marx

BTW, Will responds more than you know. Why, the new file cabinet he ranted about was to replace one he busted up in a fit of rage over one of our recent insightful and humorous posts.

4. Believe It Not - August 10, 2007

Will, if we get your hit count up by 15% do we get invited to the ViewPolitik Christmas Party this year? We hear it’s a hoot!

5. FITSNews - August 11, 2007


You are absolutely welcome to come to the Viewpolitik Christmas Party.

Just send us your name and address so we can put you into our database.



6. Believe It Not - August 12, 2007


Check your database Will. If you have all of the S.C. beautiful people listed, they you are sure to recognize our address when you see it.

You really don’t remember lunch, do you. Sad. 😦


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