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Still The One August 8, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Sports.

hank aaron


FITSNews – August 8, 2007 – So steroid user Barry Bonds hit his 756th career home run last night, ostensibly “breaking” the record set in 1976 by former Braves’ star Hank Aaron.

So? So what.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – records set by cheaters don’t count. As far as we’re concerned, Aaron’s record of 755 career home runs still stands, as does former New York Yankees’ outfielder Roger Maris‘ record of 61 home runs in a season (Maris’ mark has since been broken three times by three different steroid users).

If you pump your body full of illegal drugs to gain an unfair size and strength advantage over your competitors, you don’t deserve to have your name in the record book – you deserve to have the book thrown at you.



1. Sunny - August 8, 2007


2. Don Johnson - August 8, 2007

Barry who? I don’t know this Barry of which you speak. Who does he play for? Isn’t he some skinny guy, and a 30-30 club member, who plays for the Pirates?

I think baseball ought to implement the same drug testing used in the Olympics and the Tour de France: If you put up a great performance, you get tested. Bike riders who win stages get tested. The overall leader gets tested. Those who win the 100-meter dash get tested. World record high-jump? Blood test.

If you record 15 strikeouts you get tested. If you go 4-for-4 you have to pee in the cup. If you hit a home run, you meet Mr. Blood Test Syringe. It might not cut down on steroids (as cycling has shown) but you sure will humiliate a lot of these Sportscenter stars.

Perhaps now we can go back to watching Sportscenter instead of the “BarryCenter” it’s been for the past year.

3. Syd - August 8, 2007

Aaron broke the record in 1974, genius.

4. FITSNews - August 8, 2007


Not so fast there, MIT.

Aaron hit his 715th in 1974, breaking Babe Ruth’s record. Of course HIS record (which was the subject of this post) was established when he retired from the game with 755 career home runs … two years later.


P.S. – Good effort though, genius.

5. Big D - August 8, 2007

Barry didn’t get to 756 in just the past five years. He’s been hitting home runs on or off of roids since the 1980’s. While they are illegal, steroids don’t help with hand-eye coordination.

But screw Barry (And Hank). A-Rod will own the record in 2012

6. Syd - August 8, 2007

Nice spin attempt. Wrong, of course, but good effort.

The “record” Bonds broke was the all-time career HR record. Every HR he hits from now on will add to that record but it won’t change the fact that he BROKE the record with his 756th. Just like every home run Aaron hit after 715 just added to the record he BROKE in 1974.

..oh, and to Big D…the steroids Bonds was using actually do help with the eye-hand coordination, among other things. Many athletes who have used that particular designer drug reported feeling much more “in the zone,” “dialed in” and “agile” while cycling on that. Bob Costas, actually had a pretty good report on it a few weeks ago. I think it’s still running on HBO in case anyone cares, which I doubt.

7. FITSNews - August 9, 2007


The old record was broken in 1974, the new record was officially set in 1976 when Aaron retired. We didn’t say Aaron “broke” a record in 1976, we said the record was “set” at that time. Which it was.

Of course we could say that “grass is green” and people would not only dispute it but then remind everybody how violent we are toward women.

BTW, in case anybody missed it Aaron gave perhaps one of the classiest speeches ever in congratulating Bonds. He didn’t have to do it (and Bonds sure as hell didn’t deserve it) but for a minute we thought we were listening to MLK.

“My hope today, as it was on that April evening in 1974, is that the achievement of this record will inspire others to chase their own dreams,” Aaron said.

Way to go, Hammer.


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