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Greenville Republicans Censure Graham August 8, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics, US Politics.

bridge club


FITSNews – August 8, 2007 – We’ve never been the biggest fans of U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, but we were more than a little tickled yesterday when we received a blast e-mail from the SC Hotline saying that South Carolina’s “Senior” Senator had been censured … by the Greenville County Republican Party.

Geez, what a tease. If you’re gonna throw out a cool and gripping word like “censure” you can’t follow it with something as lame and unintimidating as “Greenville County Republican Party.” Seriously, what the hell is that? Because it sounds to us a lot like being denied a second crumpet because you played out of turn in bridge, or receiving a reprimand because a page in your stamp collection is out of order. No kidding, somebody could have accused Lindsey of yelling “Bingo” (when he didn’t have Bingo) and we would be infinitely more shocked and chagrined than we are right now.

Let’s be clear – we’re not dismissing the potent anti-Graham zeal among rank-and-file South Carolina Republicans these days. In fact, during a recent visit to Washington, D.C., Sen. Graham’s office made a special point of telling us that the deluge of immigration complaints had slacked off in recent weeks, which of course we interpreted as a clear sign that the issue still scares the ever-living sh*t out of them. We also got another ominous warning that the Senator was in deep trouble with his base when one of our lifelong Democratic friends told us last month that Graham was going to be “the first and probably the only Republican I ever vote for.” Yikes!



1. Sen. Graham better have a good spam blocker » The Palmetto Scoop - August 8, 2007

[…] – who, much to the chagrin of SCHotline’s Jeffrey Sewell, yesterday broke the story of the small cadre of bridge players in Greenville County that “censured” him – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) noted that it […]

2. Don Johnson - August 8, 2007

Great photo. But you’re missing the Bob Jones sign in the background.

3. schotline - August 8, 2007

Funny …personally we think the good Senator may have turned this thing around.

~Jeffrey Sewell

4. yes - August 8, 2007


Do you think the G’ville County Republican Party is a bunch of bridge playing women? Some would say that Greenville is the only reason why SC elects Republican Governors. Others would say that it was Greenville based Bob Jones Univ. that was responsible for successfully wedding christian conservativism with country club republicans in the early 80’s by endorsing crooks of Lee Atwater ilk.

5. Preying Mantis - August 8, 2007

Cropped out of the picture on the right was another table where Will was sitting with his back to the camera holding a lay down 7NT opening bid. He probably stacked the deck.

You could tell it was him because he was pinching the butt of the blond with short hair who is holding her cards like a preying mantis. He also had two ‘extra’ aces up his sleeve.

Careful Will, the female preying mantis is known to kill and eat the male after mating. Make fun of Greenville Republicans and their women will rip your head off like a satisfied female preying mantis.

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