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How South Carolina’s Republican “Leadership” Reacts To Criticism August 7, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

crying babies


FITSNews – August 7, 2007 – Even if they weren’t a bunch of whiny, sniveling babies, the GOP leadership in South Carolina would remain an acephalous assortment of big spending, anti-business, status quo Democrats-in-hiding. You’d think the least they could do would be to take their criticism standing up instead of whining to everybody in earshot like a bunch of two-year olds who just lost their pacifiers. At least that would be dignified.

After all, it wasn’t us here at FITSNews who raised state spending by 41% over the last three years, appointed an anti-business Democrat to the State Supreme Court, provided only $81 million in job-creating tax relief out of a $1.5 billion budget surplus, pumped another billion dollars into the nation’s worst education system over the past four years (only to remain last in the nation in SAT scores and graduation rates), presided over dwindling income levels and a 5.5% unemployment rate and fought tooth and nail to preserve an 1895 system of government that’s the functional equivalent of racing a “Model T” in the Indianapolis 500.

Nope, it was “Republican” leaders like Bobby Harrell, Hugh Leatherman, Dan Cooper, Harry Cato and Jim Merrill who did all that.

Yet unlike so many of the parlor game insiders who continue to kiss these people’s asses and accept their empty promises and ever-evolving excuses for our state’s chronic inability to compete (and our Republican Party’s chronic inability to act like Republicans), our little website will continue to call these “GOP leaders” out for being the power hungry, special interest-beholden, ethically-challenged, economically-clueless, pork-peddling shams they so clearly are.

Just yesterday, we received a stern rebuke from a prominent “Republican” activist, warning us that our criticisms of the state’s Republican leadership were damaging the party and limiting the opportunity for “real change.”


South Carolinians have been waiting five years for the GOP to deliver “real change,” but all the current crop of Republican leaders have yielded is same old bloated, dysfunctional, ineffective, “tits on a bull” government we’ve always had … only this one costs a helluva lot more than the one the Democrats produced.

At least the Democrats were honest about their plan to keep our government stuck in the Stone Age, our economy stuck in neutral and our kids stuck in failing schools.

Republicans – who are slaves to the same antiquated institutions as their Democratic predecessors – deserve true contempt because they pretend to oppose the status quo and yet take its money and do its bidding with more efficiency than the Democrats could’ve ever mustered.

Our Republican House Speaker (Harrell) and Ways & Means Chairman (Cooper) are both in the pocket of the Teachers’ Unions, our House Majority Leader (Merrill) and Commerce Committee Chairman (Cato) are both in the pocket of the Trial Lawyers and our Senate Finance Committe Chairman (Leatherman) is in the pocket of just about anybody and everybody who wants to keep South Carolina sick, poor and stupid.

And like sheep, the vast majority of rank-and-file Republicans go along with their leadership’s betrayal of core Republican ideals because sadly, that’s where their bread is buttered as well.

But God forbid we criticize these “leaders.” That would be “damaging to the party,” right?

And what gives us the right to rock the boat? Who gave us permission to penetrate the thin-skinned surface of these nursery school crybaby frauds to tell the people the truth about what’s going on in their government for a change?

How dare we do such a thing?

One day soon, people are finally going to figure out that what’s really damaging the Republican party in this state is the fact that there aren’t any damn Republicans left in it, particularly among the leadership at the State House – which couldn’t hold a coalition together around a conservative idea if it’s life depended on it.

When these Republican turncoats fail (as they have failed so miserably and repeatedly these last five years), we’re going to be right here tell you about it. Not because it’s our job, or because it creates a lot of website “hits,” or because it happens to be the right thing to do – we do it because we can.

And if the GOP crybabys (and the “conservative” messengers they send to try and shut us up) don’t like that, they can all go straight to hell.

We ain’t skeered, and we ain’t shuttin’ up. For anybody.



1. sic haters - August 7, 2007

you have angered your scrg masters will. now even they are not defending you because of your radical lies. you aer all alone in rage less credible. PROVE YOUR RADICAL LIES against Merrill. how do you know he is “in the pocket” of trial lawyers??? PROVE THE OUTRAGE WILL!!!!!!!!!

2. Bones - August 7, 2007

Bravo! I hope this is published in every paper across the State. You would think the Republican Leadership would have learned when little ricky quinn was ousted … I guess they didn’t and I wouldn’t be surprised if other “political novices but solid Republicans” stand up and oust these fools. Enough is enough.

3. anonymouse - August 7, 2007

merrills PR firm geechie communications does the trial lawyer mail. he is not on the payroll far as I know.

4. FITSNews - August 7, 2007


We’re honestly not sure whether our “SCRG masters” are happy with us right now or not. Duh. That’s why they’re not our masters and why we can post as much T&A on this site as we want. You want to know what they think of our recent articles? Call ’em up and ask ’em. Last time we checked Majority Leader Merrill’s brother was still the group’s spokesman.

As the song goes, “some of these kids are doing their own thang.”

The reason this site can say whatever the hell it wants is we’re not in anybody’s pocket, and we can tell anybody we want to sit and spin whenever it suits our fancy.

That we so obviously relish telling people to sit and spin is really beside the point …


5. Stumped - August 7, 2007

Haters, You are right on the money with Will. But, the real question is how does Will know if someone else is “ethically-challenged”??

Wow, what a cry baby. None of Will’s “people” are winning, and Will is taking it out on the State House Leadership and entire Legislature.

Please, all members of the Legislature who are friends if Will, post your names here: _________________________________

6. G.L. - August 7, 2007

Keep up the good work. The truth hurts especially for the few “Republican party activists” who would do anything if they thought it would help the “Republican cause.” To me, there is little difference in Democrats and Republicans in most areas of the state, so who cares which ones get elected. Like Don Fowler said, the legislature has the same ideology as it did in the 1960’s when there were no Republicans.

7. Yahoo - August 7, 2007

Hi Will,
Another great post. The RINO problem is bad, and getting worse. But the problem is in the lack of leadership from Sanford, and other conservative elders in government.
The “squishy middle” in the general assembly needs someone to follow. And with Sanford, well, no one yet has proven it is worthwhile to be his friend…let alone a partner.
Katon has whored himself out so much that the soul of the GOP is dead. So we are not likely to find leadership from that entity.
So we wait. Perhaps the GOP race for governor in a few years will start us anew…but for now we are stuck with a gov that is incapable of leading. And we all suffer.

8. Top Posts « WordPress.com - August 7, 2007

[…] How South Carolina’s Republican “Leadership” Reacts To Criticism [image] PACIFIERS ALL AROUND, PEOPLE FITSNews – August 7, 2007 – Even if they weren’t a bunch of whiny, sniveling […] […]

9. Kaolin Kronicle - August 7, 2007

Sic Willie: The Kaolin Kronicle agrees with you wholeheartedly. Keep going after the shape-shifting RINOs and DINOs and other nutcases in the statehouse. We’ve got your back.

10. Geech Marin - August 7, 2007


What’s up with all the bad mojo aimed at Jimmy M? Here’s a guy who tried to remove the sales tax exemption on The State newspaper this year.

If beating up on The State is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

11. Gillon - August 7, 2007

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” Al Capp’s “Pogo”

12. Gillon - August 7, 2007

Check that. That was Walt Kelley, not Capp.

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