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Don’t Look Now – S.C. Majority Leader’s “Pants On Fire” August 4, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

pants on fire


FITSNews – August 4, 2007 – S.C. House Majority Leader Jimmy Merrill went to the mattresses yesterday afternoon over his alleged authorship of an overtly-sexist memo that consumed the State House in scandal six years ago. In this morning’s (Charleston) Post and Courier, Merrill bluntly denied that he wrote the document responsible for the infamous “Memogate” scandal in 2001, while behind the scenes Merrill supporters told FITSNews that former Rep. David Owens was the document’s author.

“That is an outright, blatant lie,” Merrill told the Post when asked about his alleged authorship of the memo. “It is the dumbest, most ludicrous thing.”

Each one of our sources, however, stood by their previous statements that Merrill was in fact the memo’s author and rejected the claim that Owens wrote the controversial document, which suggested that college-aged female pages at the State House should wear short skirts and no underwear to work while answering to the terms “babe,” “honey,” “sugar,” and “little missy.”

Owens was not immediately available to respond to the Merrill camp’s claim that he was the document’s author.

“Jimmy’s flat-out lying,” one former legislator told FITSNews. “I think David Owens may have been in the room when Jimmy was writing it, but I don’t remember him contributing to it in the slightest. (The memo) was written by Jimmy on Jimmy’s computer with James Law looking over his shoulder. Law may have made some suggestions to it, but it was Jimmy who did all the writing.”



1. Gillon - August 4, 2007

Ho hum, more Republican “Family Values” on display.

2. Believe It Not - August 5, 2007

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3. FITSNews - August 5, 2007


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4. Palmetto Observer - August 6, 2007

I gotta tell ya I am concerned with our State Law Enforcement if they couldn’t find it. Hitting delete does not forever delete it, especially if you are working on a network. if that were the case, they would hardly ever catch people that have surfed and downloaded child porn, etc. Looks like Sic Willie is concocting yet another story to try and bring someone down. Won’t work, get over it.

5. anonymouse - August 6, 2007

If Will does not have a good story he will make one up, or he will take something minor and with the help of anonymouse sources he’ll try to blow it up to sling mud. It’s his style.

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