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Sanford “Throws An Elbow” In Treasurer’s Race August 2, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

bill russell


FITSNews – August 2, 2007 – It will probably never be publicly reported that Gov. Mark Sanford was the man behind the anonymous leak of sensitive information targeting would-be State Treasurer Converse Chellis. Proving such a link would be impossible, and while the operation is littered with the calling cards of gubernatorial gopher boy/ dirt-digger Scott English, tracing the origin of the leak back to Sanford’s office is about as likely as Sen. Hugh Leatherman coming out and admitting he used grants to buy votes on the floor of the S.C. Senate.

Of course when you think about it, if everybody knows the “score” of the game, then the technicalities really don’t matter all that much. And everybody on the inside clearly knows what the score is in this case. Sanford, who has never been fond for dishing out political jabs, reminds us a lot of former Boston Celtics’ great Bill Russell, who used to get beat up like crazy under the basket by his opponents because he couldn’t bring himself to throw an elbow. Well, Celtics’ owner Red Auerbach sat Russell down one day and told him to “throw one elbow, one time during a nationally-televised game and you’ll never have to do it again.”

Russell threw the elbow, and nobody ever messed with him under the basket after he did. So … will Sanford’s presumed “elbow throw” have the same effect? We’ll have to wait and see. Several legislators have told us they are not going to vote for Chellis in the wake of yesterday’s allegations, and Chellis’ refusal to address the issue appears to be stoking their concern about the veracity of the claims. But whether Chellis wins the Treasurer’s election tomorrow or not, a fundamental shift in strategy appears to have occurred under the basket in South Carolina politics.



1. Believe It Not - August 2, 2007

Now that’s more like the sputum spewing Will we all love to hate.

Attacking Scott as a “gopher boy” and “dirt-digger” without a shred of evidence! Typical. Hugh is an elected official, and unfortunately they have no choice but to accept crackpot attacks from numb brained paid political hoodlums.

The FITS “exclusive”… http://fitsnews.com/2007/03/13/fitsnews-exclusive-
…died with a whimper like all of Will’s other blooper scandals.

On the other hand Scott is a State employee. He might be a numb brained political hoodlum too, but he shouldn’t have to put up with this kind of mindless attack. Maybe he’ll sue Will.

He might end up owning ViewPolitik and this blog. Wow, Scott could end up with assets totaling – let’s see, $0.01 + $0.01 = ????

Hold on, we need to get a calculator. Back later.

2. Don Johnson - August 2, 2007

The interesting thing about all of these “controversies” is that nobody has said Rep. Chellis is not qualified to be treasurer. You might disagree with his politics on some issues, but we can all find issues to disagree with everyone about. I’m just waiting for someone to tell me why I hae to call my representative or senator and tell them Rep. Chellis isn’t qualified.

I’m not doing it until SOMEONE goes on the record with an allegation. It’s real easy to quote “sources” — SC Hotline…. ahem.

And BIN: Do you need a calculator to figure 1+1 because you attend S.C.’s public schools? Maybe you need a voucher.

3. Believe It Not - August 2, 2007

Yes, Don. And, thanks for asking. We attended “Corridor of Shame” schools. See the movie.

We know first hand about the neglect of our public schools by our State. We know first hand the real problems are poverty, racism and lack of adequate and “fair and balanced” funding. We know vouchers are a scam, and we know who the money changers are trying to buy our Legislature. Remember the pround standard set by our State:

Minimally Adequate Education.

By the way, why are you trying to change the subject? Thinking of running for Treasurer?

4. Sonny Crockett - August 2, 2007

Don Johnson,

Click the links below for some reasons why Chellis should not be elected Treasurer:

http://www.thestate.com/opinion/story/135120.html (The State)

http://www.thestate.com/editorial-columns/story/135119.html (The State)

http://greenvilleonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070802/OPINION/708020304/1008 (The Greenville News)

http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/opinion/story/146516.html (The Sun News)

As Scoppe writes, “the Budget and Control Board has long had a reputation as the cookie jar for legislators who know how to climb up the stool and onto the cabinet to reach it.”

Chellis wants to keep it that way and for me that makes him unsuited to be Treasurer. But I admit there are those (read: legislators) who want to keep it that way, too, and they will probably find him “qualified.”

5. The games people play » The Palmetto Scoop - August 2, 2007

[…] more than that, the gov’s shady political operatives are apparently waging anonymous assaults against the legislature’s likely selection: Rep. Converse Chellis of Dorchester. In fact, a popular South Carolina blog reported that a […]

6. Gillon - August 2, 2007

“Throwing elbows,” Okay. But darn, don’t you wish that we had a governor as talented, skillful, and capable at what he does as Bill Russell was playing basketball. Oh I forgot, basketball is a team sport, unlike our governor’s view of politics.

7. "Sanfeld" The Administration About Nothing - August 3, 2007

So, the Guv is showing his guns……… more likened to a premature ejaculation…..

It is regrettable, having catastrophically failed to lead the state forward in his first four years, that, in this exciting episode, we see some second-rate vaudevillian action from the Keystone Cops.

How low can they go? Do we REALLY want this Chief Executive Team “controlling” more of our state government? Do we want this administration producing the same miracles they have accomplished with economic development (arguably the worst in modern history)? Will Governor Sanfeld show an ability to govern, or will he continue to govern his engagement in the hard work of actually running a state? Is a popular voting majority really a mandate for more of the same old self-serving inertia? Will our hero foil the ill-begotten intentions of that crafty ol’ General Assembly?

The answers: next week! Stay tuned, BAT fans, same BAT time, same BAT channel.

8. Nate - August 3, 2007

Look, as much as anyone likes to bash Sanford, the people did vote for him and they voted for a reason. Of course the legislature hates the guy, he wants reform in a big way, he wants to reduce the size of government and halt their out-of-control coffers and he wants to give more money back to the people. Nobody likes change, nobody wants change, it’s too hard for lazy politicos who want nothing to do but spend our hard earned tax dollars to their advantage, not the people’s advantage.

Anyone wanting any form of change in a state like SC is going to get the short end of the stick. It’s too bad, b/c SC could benefit from a number of Sanford’s plans, tax cuts, educational programs, anything to get us up from where we are…

9. "Sanfeld" - The Administration About Nothing - August 3, 2007

I will boldly predict that the end of eight years of Sanfeldian rule will leave a never-before attained legacy of NOTHING to the people and state of South Carolina.

Principles do not feed, clothe, or educate our children. And like little piglets tucked under your arms, they tend to leave unpleasant after-effects……..

10. Nate - August 4, 2007

It’s not for lack of trying, it’s the damn legislature that won’t agree to any of Sanford’s ideas, it’s not his fault, the man has plenty of ideas to turn the state around, we have nowhere to go but up, but the legislature won’t allow anything but status quo, good ole’ boy games…it’s a neverending cycle…Of course Sanford can’t win with that…Who could?

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