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Roscoe & Romney? August 31, 2007

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roscoe romney


FITSNews – August 31, 2007 – Usually you have to actually be the President to get a police motorcade that can break the speed limit, run stops signs, force traffic to pull over and basically scare the sh*t out of everybody on the road with flashing sirens and blue lights. That’s generally not the type of service provided to somebody who’s just running for president … especially if they’re polling in single digits. Anyway, leave it to presidential wanna-be Mitt Romney to roll through rural South Carolina today with a Roscoe P. Coltrane-style police escort, acting all Billy Bad Ass in front of a bunch of backwoods folk in Saluda County. From the AP report:

The motorcade of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney exceeded speed limits and went through stop lights Friday as local law officers escorted him, blue lights flashing, to campaign events in two South Carolina counties.

Traffic pulled over for Romney’s caravan as Saluda County Sheriff Jason Booth, a Romney supporter, led the candidate’s motor home and staff cars with his blue lights running from the Aiken County line through Saluda County to the Newberry city limits, according to an Associated Press reporter following the candidate.

The caravan traveled between 10 mph and 15 mph over posted speed limits.

”I wanted to make sure he stays safe and gets to where he’s going,” Booth told The Associated Press.

Asked whether it’s proper to use flashing police lights to escort a candidate, he said, ”I’m not getting into this with you, sir. I have no comment.”

Good God. Was there a bassett hound named “Flash” in the front seat of the lead car by any chance? And since when did roads and stop signs start popping up in Saluda County? We didn’t think they’d even discovered the wheel yet.

For the record, when our motorcade rolls through South Carolina there’s no need for flashing blue lights and wailing sirens. People just naturally back the f*ck off out of respect. Then we get our “creep” on. Actually, it’s a lot like a Dr. Dre video, except with white people. “Rolling in our 64, wit all our dogz singin: Swing down, sweet chariot stop and let FITS ride, motherf*cka.”


Jenny Sanford Steps Up Health Care Efforts August 31, 2007

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Jenny Sanford


FITSNews – August 31, 2007 – S.C. First Lady Jenny Sanford, who has made promoting better lifestyle choices a key focus of her Healthy SC initiative, today joined forces with the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, one of several prominent grassroots groups working in South Carolina in advance of the 2008 presidential primaries. Both the Partnership and the First Lady’s Healthy SC Challenge are stressing lifestyle education as a key factor in reducing the incidence of chronic disease.

“Seven out of 10 deaths in the United States are due to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and the tragedy is that much of that is preventable,” Mrs. Sanford told a crowd at the new Roper St. Francis heart and vascular facility in Charleston. “I am happy to be part of an organization that is challenging our citizens and our policy makers to reduce or eliminate such a terrible disease burden—not to mention the staggering cost burden—on our families and on our health care system. It is all too clear that our culture needs to change—and we can do so by eating healthy, exercising regularly and not smoking. Evidently, we are not doing enough.”

In case you missed it, we wrote last week about the larger issue of preventative health care, and how the issue is especially critical in South Carolina given our historic status as one of the nation’s unhealthiest states. In the prescient words of Julian from Madagascar, we need to “move it move it.”

UPDATE – On a much more important note, is it us or is Jenny doing something different with her hair? She’d probably crush us like a bug for even thinking it, but we’ve gotta be honest – she looks pretty hot in that picture!

FITSNews Exclusive – Giuliani First Responder Chairman Has Prior Indictment August 31, 2007

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rudy giuliani5


FITSNews – August 31, 2007 – One of GOP presidential contender Rudy Giuliani‘s newly-minted national First Responders’ Chairmen was indicted fifteen years ago by a Lexington County, S.C. grand jury for “breach of trust” related to financial irregularities at the State Fire Academy. James A. Bowie of Irmo, S.C., served as the director of the State Fire Academy prior to taking a job in 1996 with the S.C. Firefighters Association, where he is currently employed. Bowie was announced this Tuesday as one of three co-chairmen of Giuliani’s National First Responders’ Coalition.

The 1992 indictment, reported on at the time by The State newspaper, alleged that Bowie cashed a check for $2,975 that was intended to pay for firefighter training and instead deposited the money into a personal account. From the newspaper’s October 30, 1992 report:

An indictment charging the state Fire Academy’s director with pocketing money intended to pay for fire training is part of a larger pattern of abuse and mismanagement … The state auditor and the State Law Enforcement Division also are reviewing other irregularities at the academy dating to 1986 for possible violations of state law or procedures. A Lexington County grand jury on Monday indicted academy Director James W. Bowie of Irmo on one count of breach of trust.

Stay tuned to FITSNews for more on this developing story …

Will Barrett Push Bobby To The Right? August 30, 2007

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Harrell House of Cards 2


FITSNews – August 30, 2007 – Oddly enough, U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett could be the best thing that ever happened to fiscal conservatism in Columbia, S.C. – and Barrett hasn’t even cast a vote in the S.C. State House in over five years.

What gives, you may ask? Well, Barrett is one of House Speaker Bobby Harrell‘s most formidable potential opponents for the S.C. Governor’s Mansion in 2010, and the third-term Republican Congressman has a voting record that fiscal conservatives are nuts about.

Harrell, on the other hand, has been part of two of the biggest spending explosions in state history – first as GOP Majority Leader during the 1998-99 “Spend-A-Palooza” and then as Speaker of the House during its 2006-07 sequel, “Spend-A-Palooza II – Taxpayer Boondoggaloo.”

In Bobby’s defense, it hasn’t entirely been his fault. (more…)

Son Of A … August 30, 2007

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FITSNews – August 30, 2007 – Things were going swimmingly for Sic Willie and the FITS Fartknockers in their battle for the Great Santini fantasy baseball championship, that is until pitcher Noah Lowry took the mound yesterday afternoon.

Now our heroes are pretty much f*cked. Lowry, who was forced into the rotation after Fartknockers’ ace Cole Hamels was injured last week, got shelled for seven runs in just three innings last night for a whopping 21.00 ERA.

Needless to say, the Sic One is moping around the office today like somebody clubbed his baby seal … and not in a good way.

Dear God Make It Stop August 29, 2007

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britney no pants


FITSNews – August 29, 2007 – When we were little girls, there was a song about not sticking your arm “out too far” because it “might go home in another car.” That song scared the ever-living sh*t out of us, but not half as bad as Britney Spears‘ rear end is frightening us right now. We’ve run upstairs and hid under our bed like fifty times, but dammit if everytime we creep back downstairs and take a peek from around the corner this abomination isn’t somehow still staring us in the face.

Seriously, trying to close out an Internet window in a state of panicked, heart-pounding terror with your eyes closed isn’t easy. Hell, we’re just pressing keys and praying at this point. Which is why we’ve probably purchased 900 tickets to a damn WNBA game, signed up for Dennis Kucinich’s e-mail list or booked an Expedia trip to Mogadishu for all we know.

If Britney leaves the house without pants one more time, there’s a good chance we could end up on some CIA jihadist watch list. Then we’d probably get carted off to the Pentagon where Dr. Strangelove would ask us why we were typing secret missile codes in Abu Boobani’s private terrorist chatroom. At that point, our guess is the truth would probably NOT set us free.

How Low Can They Go, Pt. II August 29, 2007

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FITSNews – August 29, 2007 – A week ago, we reported on a Gallup poll which showed public approval ratings for the U.S. Congress had plummeted to an all-time low of 18%. Today, a poll released by Rasmussen further confirmed the depths to which America’s trust in its government has sunk. From its latest survey of 1,200 likely voters (conducted August 24-26), Rasmussen says:

Voters continue to look askance at the performance of the U.S. Congress. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey indicates that only 17% are able to say that the performance of that legislative body is ‘Good’ (15%) or ‘Excellent’ (2%). A little more than a third (36%) say it’s ‘Fair,’ a plurality of 45% deem it ‘Poor.’

The poll, which was taken prior to the latest breaking Congressional scandal involving Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, is nonetheless the third straight Rasmussen survey showing Congressional approval languishing in the upper teens.

The good news for Congress is that … actually, scratch that … there really isn’t any good news. We thought the fact that 2% of America still thinks its leaders are doing an ‘Excellent’ job might have qualified as a silver lining, but then we remembered that 2% of Americans are probably going to vote for Ron Paul. Idiots on opposite ends of the political spectrum canceling each other out isn’t progress, people, it’s just idiots canceling each other out.

Katrina, Two Years On August 29, 2007

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katrina 2 years


FITSNews – August 29, 2007 – Two disasters befell the Gulf Coast of the United States beginning on August 29, 2005. The first was powerful Hurricane Katrina, which slammed into New Orleans like a freight train causing $80 billion in damage and nearly two thousand fatalities. The second was a slow, discombobulated and woefully inefficient government response that prolonged the agony and wasted billions of taxpayer dollars in the process.

While companies like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, FedEx, Cingular and others quickly found ways to get help where it was needed the most, government bumbled, stumbled and fumbled at every turn, handing out millions in aid to people who had suffered nothing while subjecting refugees who had lost everything to a seemingly impenetrable thicket of red tape. In his book The Politics of Disaster, author Marvin Olasky writes:

Businesses typically respond better than government in crisis situations because successful executives are used to taking risks … government officials tend to wait for a broad consensus to emerge. Companies tend to emphasize specific results rather than vague ideas of social welfare. They also tend to offer powerful incentives and punishments for failure that government jobs with their greater security rarely match.

We had the opportunity to visit New Orleans in March of this year, and while the city center has been almost completely restored, the surrounding suburbs still resemble a vast nuclear wasteland. For literally dozens of miles, tens of thousands of homes and businesses remain blasted out and completely uninhabitable. (more…)

Senator Says He’s Not Gay August 29, 2007

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larry craig2


FITSNews – August 29, 2007 – On the same day U.S. Sen. Larry Craig was busy denying his alleged gayness, accusations of prior sexual misconduct began surfacing that could paint a vastly different picture of the Idaho Republican. According to reports, Craig has been accused of making inappropriate homosexual advances on at least three separate occasions prior to his now infamous Minnesota bathroom arrest, including one alleged incident in Washington D.C. in 2004:

A 40-year-old professional man with close ties to Republican officials reported having oral sex with Craig in a restroom at Washington’s Union Station.

Frankly, we could care less if Sen. Craig is a homosexual or not. To each their own, we say. What’s peaking our curiosity at the moment is that big crap-looking thing he’s holding in the picture above. Seriously, what the hell is that?

Just A Game? August 29, 2007

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carolina clemson


FITSNews – August 29, 2007 – With college football season finally upon us, we figured now was as good a time as any to preview an upcoming SCETV documentary about the South Carolina-Clemson football rivalry that has us especially excited. Entitled “Just A Game,” the one-hour film will explore not only on the teams competing on the field, but will also provide an up-close look at the legions of diehard fans and assess the profound impact the rivalry has on the fabric of our state.

In case anybody’s forgotten, South Carolina rallied from a 28-14 second-half deficit last year to defeat the Tigers 31-28 in Death Valley. The Gamecocks then went on to trounce Conference USA Champion Houston in the Liberty Bowl, while Clemson lost to SEC doormat Kentucky in its bowl game. Again, just in case anybody’s forgotten.

Anyway, according to the network, the program will be broadcast statewide as part of ETV’s Carolina Stories series the night before the Carolina-Clemson game on Friday, November 23. An encore presentation will follow on Saturday afternoon before the game and an updated version of the show, including game day footage, will air the following week.

We even hear SCETV camera crews will be interviewing fans at Carolina and Clemson home games this year, including Saturday’s Gamecock season-opener against Louisiana-Lafayette.

UPDATE – Check out this press release from SCETV. Casting call, football fans!