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Jim Clyburn’s Foot Meets His Mouth July 31, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

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FITSNews – July 31, 2007 – For the record, we agree with S.C. Congressman Jim Clyburn that America’s involvement in the Iraq War was poorly justified and has been poorly executed by our political and military leadership. Having said that, Clyburn’s statement in this morning’s Washington Post that a potentially positive report on the war from new Army General David Petraeus would represent “a real big problem for us (Democrats)” was one of the all-time stupidest things he’s ever said. And in case your unfamiliar with “Big Jim,” he’s said plenty of stupid things.

This sort of “Blood Machiavellianism” is precisely the kind of political gamesmanship people don’t want to see when it comes to discussing war zones where American men and women are serving in harm’s way. Sure, they may oppose the war, but the last thing they want to hear is a politician essentially hoping that more of our soldiers get blown up (faster) just so they can hold a political coalition together.

Are we saying that we think Clyburn actually wants U.S. troops to die? Of course not. At least we hope not. But statements like the one he made yesterday are politically retarded because they make it easy for some to imagine that American combat deaths are exactly what Clyburn (and by extension the Democratic Majority in Congress) wants to see happen. After all, the last time we checked the opposite of a “good report” was a “bad report.” And in war, a bad report usually means people died.


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