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MLB Has “Look At Me” Syndrome July 27, 2007

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Omar Vizquel


FITSNews – July 27, 2007 – We’ve expressed our disdain for San Francisco Giants’ slugger Barry Bonds on several occasions in the past. We think he’s a cheater, and cheaters’ shouldn’t be allowed to hold records. Of course, Bonds’ pursuit of Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record is still eminently newsworthy, if for no other reason than it affords America an opportunity to conduct a long-overdue examination of its national pasttime through the lens of its most hallowed record.

Of course, to Giants’ shortstop Omar Vizquel (editor’s note: who???), Bonds’ home run chase is taking attention away from where it rightfully belongs – on him. Vizquel, who passed Ozzie Smith last week to move into second place in career games played at shortstop, went off on the lack of media attention surrounding his accomplishment in this morning’s edition of USA Today:

“I don’t think three people in here even know I passed Ozzie,” said Vizquel, who donated his jersey to the Hall of Fame. “And if they do know, they couldn’t care less. There’s only one record anyone around here cares about.”

You’re right, Omar. Nobody cares about you. Heck, the Hall of Fame is probably sitting there thinking “Great, an Omar Vizquel jersey … what the f*ck are we supposed to do with this?”

It’s probably already on E-Bay … with a high bid of 85 cents.

Sure, Vizquel has played in 2,513 games, which is pretty impressive. But he hasn’t played in 2,632 games … which is how many games Cal Ripken played in a row … you know, without missing a single game. Ripken also clubbed 431 career home runs compared to Vizquel’s 75 lifetime dingers.

But we’re supposed to stop the presses and pay homage to Omar Vizquel … and his lifetime .275 batting average.



1. Newspaper Hack - July 27, 2007

Vizquel’s irritation is most likely from having to hit a slump-buster every few weeks. And that, my friends, is no fun.

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