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Back To The Future On State Budget Board July 25, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

back to the future


FITSNews – July 25, 2007 – Two weeks after a report showed half a billion dollars in missed savings on South Carolina’s Budget & Control Board, the big-spending Marxist-Leninists who created the culture of waste and inefficiency at the nation’s only legislative-executive administrative agency are about to regain their functional majority.

With yesterday’s resignation of State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel, the stars are now aligned for State Rep. Converse Chellis to be elected Treasurer. Sources tell FITSNews that Chellis’ candidacy has been aggressively supported by both State Sen. Hugh Leatherman and House Ways & Means Chairman Dan “Egg-Tooth” Cooper – two of the biggest spenders on the planet – and that he is a lock to receive the nod when the legislature reconvenes to vote on Ravenel’s successor.

One State House observer with ties to the administration of Gov. Mark Sanford called Chellis’ appointment a “bad episode of Back to the Future.” Of course it’s actually much worse than that …

In addition to being one of the “New Deal” Republicans in Columbia guilty of expanding government by FDR-esque proportions, Chellis is about as ethically bankrupt a legislator as you are ever going to find.

One of the central figures in the “Beattygate” scandals that saw South Carolina’s Republican-led General Assembly elect a Democrat to the State Supreme Court, Chellis is widely-reported to have traded his vote on an appellate court appointment for his brother, Summerville Attorney James Chellis.

If “status quo” was a dictionary entry, Converse Chellis would be the photo illustration.

Not necessarily because he’s a ringleader in all the double-dealing and taxpayer-funded shenanigans that transpire in Columbia, but because he’s always there lurking around the edges of the intrigue, waiting for the right moment to exploit the situation for his own personal and political advantage.

Stay tuned …



1. Gillon - July 25, 2007

‘…waiting for the right moment to exploit the situation for his own personal and political advantage.” Wow, there’s a real newsflash. Name me one legislator out of the whole bunch[and you can also throw in the executive and judicial branches) who doesn’t share the same philosophy.

2. Newspaper Hack - July 25, 2007

Dude – you’re giving Marxist-Leninists a bad name by comparing them to these clowns.

3. "Sanfeld" The Administration About Nothing - July 25, 2007

While there were a few good nuggets in the GEAR Commission Report, a half-billion in savings strains credulity and would never have been sanctioned by a credible auditing firm. It stands as an exemplar of intellectual masturbation by the most self-serving Governor’s Office in modern history. Even the MAP Commision, with a state-wide perspective, didn’t see these astronomical numbers.

The Party-Line Republicans pulled the lever and gave us a national embarassment as Treasurer. Do you really think the legislature could do much worse?

4. Wilson - July 25, 2007

This is all about the irrelevancy of Mark Sanford.

If he were worth a damn, and lead the party…things would be different. But his lack of leadership and the total reliance on the veto (overridden with ever dizzyingly rapidity) has left him looking like a dead cat on the side of the road. You know its there…but you don’t bother with it.

His hopes to be VP…are fading fast.

5. Top Posts « WordPress.com - July 25, 2007

[…] Back To The Future On State Budget Board [image] LEGISLATIVE BIG-SPENDERS SET TO RESTORE THEIR MAJORITY ON POWERFUL STATE BOARD FITSNews – July 25, 2007 – Two […] […]

6. Don Johnson - July 25, 2007

In fairness, when your majority on the Budget and Control Board is ceded because one of your “team” is busted on federal drug charges, it’s kind of like putting Rick Vaughn (without glasses) on the mound in the bottom of the ninth. You gave it away by putting the wrong guy on the mound, let’s be honest.

7. sic haters - July 25, 2007

are you oe are you not on vacation? PLEASE!!!!!

8. shaggy - July 25, 2007


Give up on the GOP. The libertarian party needs and wants you. It is time to leave the back biting to the street whores.

9. yes - July 26, 2007

The libertarian party needs and wants anybody

10. Give Me FITS - July 26, 2007

Yes indeed…and that’s how they got Ron Paul, Nice work. Setting back the libertarian movement two decades.

I can see three major themes developing over the next half decade:

1) GOP running on the “really, we aren’t really democrats” platform
2) Dems running on the “we really are a lot like the GOP” platform
3) Libertarians running on the “Hey, we aren’t really all a bunch of nut cases, really” platform.

Thanks, Ron.

11. Newspaper Hack - July 27, 2007


No, Dems aren’t going to run on “we really are a lot like the GOP.” After all, we think that fiscal discipline is a good thing and telling people who to fuck, where to fuck and when is a bad thing. Just sayin’.

12. Believe It Not - July 28, 2007

Will, we recall you once said this is a “family blog.” Newspaper Hack is offensive enough without you letting him use the fxxk word here. What if your nephew grows up and reads your archive? Or your Momma?

Any standards here will?

13. FITSNews - July 28, 2007


If we had any standards, you wouldn’t be allowed to post here at all.

Of course reading you dork off every five minutes is just too much fun, even when you call us “sluts.”


14. Give Me FITS - July 28, 2007


Nothing personal..but you seem to be in the minority among SC Dems…or at least among those running for office.


Here’s a Dem…running as a “conservative” and avoiding his party’s own label….it’s becoming pretty much Democrat S-O-P, isn’t it?

And why not…most Republicans certainly can’t run as Republicans these days.

PS: Class with the language, by the way. Way to take it up a notch.

15. Believe It Not - July 28, 2007

Now Will, you posted news paperhack’s comment with the “F” word, but you continue to refuse to post our intelligent and humorous little quiz.

Poor Will – dishing it out but unable to handle being on the receiving end. We will continue to help with your hit count. You can count on us.

16. Believe It Not - July 28, 2007

You made up the slut thing when you once changed one of our posts. Remember? Will we have never ever never called you a slut.

We do think it’s odd that you claim we did. Get some rest at the beach. You certainly seem to need it.

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