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Political Pornification? July 20, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

taryn southern


FITSNews – July 20, 2007 – Ever since Obama Girl first sashayed her way into our hearts, America has been treated to a wave of risqué political videos featuring attractive babes bumping and grinding on behalf of their candidate of choice. The latest, Hott4Hill, features model Taryn Southern (above) playing the part of an elementary school teacher who professes her lesbian love for Hillary Clinton. “I know you’re not gay,” Southern croons in the song, “but I’m hoping for bi.”

Today, syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker fired back at the recent spate of booty-shakers, decrying what she called “the attention-seeking, self-important desperation that drives today’s virtual world.”

“I hate to be the one to break the news, but every person in the universe has a tush,” Parker writes. “There are only so many ways to display it. Yours is not that interesting. But tell that to the producers who can’t resist booking the latest tushette.”

Long one of our favorite columnists, we have to give Parker her due on this one.

Nobody likes to be the rainmaker on parade day (especially when attractive rear ends are involved), but her willingness to risk fuddy-duddy status to make a valid point shows a lot of guts on her part.

Not only that, she managed to work the word “tushette” into a column which will be read by millions of people, which we must admit has always been one of our life’s ambitions.

While we don’t necessarily agree with Parker’s contention that these videos represent “the confluence of the worst of American trends,” her inimitably clear, clever and thought-provoking way of expressing her belief is one reason we’ve always been such big fans of her work.

Well, that and Sic Willie has always been quite partial to Ms. Parker’s own “tushette.”

Anyway, in spite of the multitude of reasons we have for admiring her, it remains our fundamental belief that America’s web-based crush on the “candidate crushers” is a healthy thing.

By and large, our elected officials have done a piss poor job of earning our respect, and until they do then they deserve to be made fun of just as much as Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.

Our point is this … when politicians start acting like leaders, maybe the electorate will start acting like adults.

In the meantime, if there’s a way to channel the apathy, frustration and general disdain that voters feel for their candidates while at the same time keeping them at least partially plugged into the process, we’re all for it.

More importantly, the YouTube-blogging sensation isn’t just a forum for politically-premised T&A. It’s actually driving a lot of substantive debate in campaign 2008, helping expand not only the reach of political ideas but also public accountability over the politicians espousing those ideas.

Candidates are using the web like never before to deliver their messages and rally their supporters, and voters are using the web like never before to examine those messages and make their decisions – not to mention have their own voices heard. These are distinctly positive trends for an American democracy that had grown pretty stale and stage-managed in the corporate-sponsored mainstream media era, and frankly, if the cost of this dramatic elevation of the ‘marketplace of ideas’ is a little booty-thumpin’ every now and then, we think it’s a price well worth paying.

Besides, a little bump-n-grind never hurt anybody …



1. Earl Capps - July 20, 2007

Good point. It was like the pigs thing at the State House. A lot of the “insiders” were aghast at what was done, but a lot of “average Joes” got the point.

I think sometimes us politicos see ourselves as being “above” those around us, and as such, feel we are too good to do this or say that. That lack of genuity (is that a word?) is part of the gaping disconnect between people and their government. You also see this disconnect in how they’re slow to embrace new technology, such as blogging and YouTube. Same problem, if you ask me.

Then you get this stuff, Ted Nugent, or Bill Clinton joking about his El Camino with astroturf in the back, and guess what? It’s just proof that politicos are no different than the dizzy receptionist at our office, the loudmouth at the golf clubhouse, or our Uncle Ted, who is working in his fourth divorce.

On the other hand, I don’t think I’d want to see the likes of Bobby Harrell trying to get down on the House floor, legislative pages dressed like the girls Sic Willie puts on this blog, or Andre Bauer trying to pimp his ride, just to show they’re more like us than we thought.

2. Newspaper Hack - July 22, 2007

I’d actually love to see legislative pages dressed like, say, dancers in hip hop videos and Andre Bauer getting four TVs and gigantic goddamn speakers in the back of his Suburban so he can get down while trying to bed said legislative pages.

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