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Will Yap For Food July 19, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

dave woodard


FITSNews – July 19, 2007 – Things must be getting pretty tight for Clemson University professor Dave Woodard. You’d think the $82,443 a year salary (plus state benefits) that the taxpayers are shelling out for him to teach political science would be enough to provide a decent living, but apparently not, as Woodard is actively using his taxpayer-provided position to lobby for 2008 presidential work. From Greenville News‘ reporter Dan Hoover‘s blog:

“If anyone would like to PAY ME to joint their campaign, I’m certainly interested in hearing about it. In fact, would you please ask someone to hire me, anyone, I don’t care who.”

Sure it’s a little tongue-in-cheek, but it would certainly explain why Woodard was smooching up to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in this morning’s Spartanburg Herald-Journal.

“This guy’s beginning to take off, it looks like,” Woodard told reporter Bob Dalton. “He’s got enough money, and he seems to be doing well in other states. He’s on TV, and he’s building up a positive image of himself, and that’s making a difference.”

Well, if you consider going from 6% to 7% in most South Carolina polls to be a “difference.”

Could it be that in addition to his taxpayer-funded quest for presidential work, Woodard is possibly man-crushing on Mitt just a little bit?

“There’s a good gene pool in the Romney family. When they stand up there, they look pretty good,” he told Dalton.

Whatever Woodard’s motives, we’re paying this guy a lot of money to teach our students, not overtly fawn over presidential candidates in an effort to get hired by a campaign.

Political scientists are supposed to be objective observers, not paid mouthpieces, but Woodard’s history of pay-for-play advocacy makes him about as objective as a candidate’s wife. No wonder the vast majority of South Carolina reporters routinely bypass him and get their quotes from legitimate political scientists like Blease Graham, Scott Huffmon, Neal Thigpen or Danielle Vinson.

Speaking of presidential hires, look for our article later today about Fred Thompson‘s possible options as he looks to assemble a South Carolina organization.

Woodard may have ruled out working for Team Fred, but there are a number of S.C. political operatives who haven’t.



1. Busted - July 19, 2007

Well, we at least we know Fred has ruled out Rod Shealy and Will Folks.

2. Dontcha know - July 19, 2007

He could be Andre Bauer’s personal bodyguard and make more cash than that.

3. Woodard did nothing wrong - July 19, 2007

I usually enjoy reading what you have to say (most of the time I agree with you) but on this one you are wrong. The fact that he is giving his opinion, which happens to be positive toward someone that you do not like, does not mean that he is angling for a job. For the record I am not a Romney supporter myself nor am I really behind any one candidate at this time. Additionally it should be mentioned that the quote which you referenced was actually joking about being hired on a campaign since there had been speculation that Woodard would be working for Fred Thompson. Overall Woodard is not abusing his position as an educator especially when you take into acount that it is the summer and school is not in session. Just my opinion not that it matters. Thanks for the time.

4. anonymous - July 19, 2007

not that truth and facts matter to will when he is in attack mode.

5. LOL - July 19, 2007

I don’t know much about Woodard, but he seems to be a respected author and scholar.

$82,000 is small cash. Good professors get hired by top tier schools for large amounts of money. As you know, Will, that’s how market-based systems work.

I’m all about fiscal responsibility, but if Sanford’s hatchet-men had their way, South Carolina’s already mediocre public universities would be run by a bunch of post-docs.

6. Bob Dalton - July 20, 2007


I hate to inject accuracy into this discussion, but the article in question was actually penned by Jason Spencer.

Commercial break: To read this article and others covering everything from politics to sports to entertainment, visit goupstate.com often.

7. FITSNews - July 20, 2007

Ahhh BD, you corporate media slave, you. The New York Times Co. should hook you up with a phat bonus for such effective MSM plugging.

Thanks for popping by, though, and our apologies for the mis-attribution.

Your insights, opinions, corrections (and corporate promotions) are always welcome here.


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