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Andre Has A Point July 18, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

Mark Sanford Big


FITSNews – July 18, 2007 – For a guy seeking the power to make a lot more appointments, S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford sure does take his sweet time filling the slots he currently has control over. For example, it took him nearly half a year to find a replacement for Ernie Csiszar at the Department of Insurance, and his quest to find a new director for the Department of Health and Human Services is currently wrapping up its fourth month.

That’s why we don’t fault Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer for pushing Sanford to hurry up already and name somebody to fill the state’s top health position. The governor’s legendary “deliberative method” notwithstanding, this is a post that clearly should have been filled by now.

Sure, there are plenty of jokes to be made about Bauer’s need for speed, but South Carolina’s “efficiency governor” has proven anything but when it comes to filling key slots within his administration. Whether you like him or not, Bauer has every right to tell Sanford to put the pedal to the metal on this one.

UPDATE – S.C. Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell just put out a press release agreeing with Andre. Harrell specifically referenced a “lack of leadership” and “lack of accountability” on Sanford’s part in his statement, and praised Bauer for “shedding light on these problems.” Hang onto your hats, kids. The Republican family feud is back on!



1. Randy - July 18, 2007

It is great to see Republican leaders banding together to do the right thing. The DC Republicans were just thrown out of office after 16 years of neglecting the people they are supposed to serve. I thought our homegrown Republicans were just as bad…but now I have hope that I was wrong. I hope Mark Sanford joins our leaders in collaboration, not controversy…and works with Harrell and Bauer to fix this transportation problem.

2. john - July 18, 2007

How about Oscar Lovelace for Health and Human Services Director?
He is the best person in SC for the job.

3. VN - July 19, 2007

The normal SC voting citizens are ignorant when it comes to Sanford . All I can say is just 3 more years

4. ntsb - July 20, 2007

NTSB said,

July 18th, 2007 at 08:41 PM

The private airport owner stated:” the pilot wanted to turn the airplane around before starting it. The pilot and three other personnel attempted to move the airplane by hand with “negative results”. The pilot entered the airplane, released the parking brake, exited the airplane, and attempted to move the airplane with “negative results”. The pilot and passenger entered the airplane. The pilot started the engine, turned the airplane around with “power”and taxied to runway 06 for VFR departure to Columbia”

“Examination of runway 06 by the FAA after the accident revealed the airplane traveled 819 feet on the take off roll before encountering the dirt section of the runway. Two skid marks were present in the dirt section of the runway. The left skid mark was was measured 417 feet long and the right skid mark was measured 388 feet long.. The width of the Mooney M-20 E landing gear is 9 feet and three quarters of an inch long. The distance between the left and right main landing gear is skid marks are 9 feet and three quarters of an inch. Ten feet past the left skid mark appeared to be a tail strike mark on a stone with a bluish color. The bottom of the accident airplane is blue in color”.

Why would the pilot turn the plane around under “power”, taxi, to takeoff when moments earlier four people were unable to roll the plane. Why would you have skid marks over the length of a football field.


5. Bruce - July 20, 2007

I’m Bruce I use my real name in Yahoo Mail although I know I don’t have to. Throughout most of last year I worked at the FBO (Owens Field) where Andre Bauer kept his Moony Aircraft. I helped Azalia Leonhardt pull out his aircraft many times.

What’s not known about this story is it’s NOT Andre Bauer’s first mishap. In August of last year I was attending to the Athletic departments King Air on an early afternoon flight when I was watching an aircraft on approach. As it got close I looked in horror as I noticed the landing gear was UP!

I quickly got on the FBO’s radio and called to the person at the line desk,AIRCRAFT LANDING NO GEAR DOWN! NO GEAR DOWN?. At about 2 feet from touchdown Andre pulled up so heard the aircraft strike the runway. Both myself the Pilot from USC’s Athletic department heard and saw the “Strike”.

He (Andre Bauer) went around the landing pattern and this time safely landed. He taxied so fast down to his storage hanger he could have taken off again right then. Following this he locked his aircraft in the storage hanger and forbid anyone from seeing it or inspecting it.

Later that day both the Airport manager (Jim Hamilton) and the FBO manager Kelly Hamilton) told me this: “Andre Bauer’s plane did not strike the runway!” (Wink Wink). even though I saw it do so and heard it too. What bothers me is IF the Airport managers had reported the Aircraft Strike? according to the Law? this accident (yesterday) might not have happened after Andre Bauer got his pilots license pulled for not reporting the Aircraft Strike? in August himself.

6. Anonymous - July 20, 2007

Why does Bauer need a security detail?

It has been reported that he has been receiving threats, why is he receiving threats?

He already has a police radio and a gun, and now a body guard?

Has anyone heard from Andre or are we just going to hear from “Blogger Bauer”?

7. Anonymous - August 17, 2007

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is attempting to deny Lt. Governor Andre Bauer the security detail that was authorized by the Legislature this past session. In addition, our sources are saying that this is coming directly from the Governor’s office to SLED Chief Robert Stewart.
During a contentious budget battle this past legislative year, the Governor attempted to veto funding for a security detail and driver that would be assigned to Lt. Governor Bauer, but his efforts were overridden. Now it seems that SLED is denying the detail based on opinions of staff attorneys working for the department. The back story is that Governor Sanford has his guiding hand on this and is further causing tension (if possible) between the his office…and well…just about everyone.
Bob Peeler ended the practice of providing a security detail for the Lt. Governor when he was in office. Its reinstatement has been opposed by many legislators who see it as a waste of taxpayer’s money. However those same Legislators who opposed it during debate now see it as a done deal and don’t appreciate the Govenor’s attempt to thwart them through back channels.
So far this is speculative, but from good sources. Does it even matter anymore if the Gov is pissing off Legislators, or vice versa? Don’t they hate each other enough already?

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