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Wall Street Journal Article Takes A Page From Our Book July 16, 2007

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FITSNews – July 16, 2007 – Former La Socialista reporter Valerie Bauerlien published a remarkable article in this morning’s Wall Street Journal, a story that sounds eerily familiar to a lot of the stuff we’ve been writing for the past few months. Built around the inherently easy-to-prove premise that Republicans aren’t acting like Republicans anymore, Bauerlein ties together a number of recent GOP scandals with the general disdain Southern Republicans have shown for the limited government principles on which their party was founded. From the article:

Though there isn’t any sign of (Republicans) losing their dominance in the region, the once-formidable “Solid South” coalitions they forged in the 1980s and 1990s to end a century of Democratic dominion have given way to messy schisms and infighting. Today, they look a lot like the bitterly divided Democrats of three decades ago.

Not surprisingly, the story portrays South Carolina as Ground Zero in the GOP’s recent ideological U-Turn, with our state’s addiction to pork barrel spending, failure to pass school choice and the “Republican” appointment of Democrat Don Beatty to the Supreme Court figuring prominently in Ms. Bauerlein’s narrative.

Talk about a badge of dishonor.

Despite their control of nearly every elected statewide position and huge majorities in both houses of the legislature, South Carolina Republicans have been unable to deliver on significant campaign promises, including a program that would give state residents vouchers to help pay for private schools.

In May, a split among Republican blocs allowed a coalition of Democrats and some Republicans to engineer the selection of a Democrat for a rare opening on the state Supreme Court. The party’s once-tight control of state spending has weakened. The state’s current $6 billion budget now includes a $9 million grant fund for pet projects, such as festivals celebrating pork and catfish in various legislative districts.

Simply put, Bauerlein’s article is one of the broadest, most compelling indictments of Palmetto State Republicans we’ve ever read – a veritable stake in the heart of our state’s status quo GOP leaders, the vast majority of whom have abandoned their party’s core beliefs in the pursuit of more pork and more personal power.

Incidentally, Bauerlein’s article quotes one of those Republicans – House Majority Leader Jimmy Merrill – as saying his Charleston constituents frequently ask him why he can’t get Republicans “to act like Republicans.”

We’re not sure if Mr. Merrill had a mirror available when the question was posed to him, but the fact remains South Carolina’s GOP leadership has completely squandered its opportunity to lead and abdicated all the real power in Columbia to the Democrats – a costly and embarassing dereliction of duty which is now being played out on the national stage.

Just call it a cautionary tale …

After all, when Republicans lost control of the U.S. Congress in 2006 many blamed it on the War in Iraq, but often overlooked were poll numbers showing that 40% of the electorate had come to identify Republicans as the party of big government – a perception driven by the $3 trillion increase in the national debt that occured under their watch.

Things are even worse here in South Carolina, where Republicans have grown state government twice as fast as the national average over the last three years.

Of particular interest should be the fact that Democrats didn’t seem especially eager to jump on Bauerlein’s bandwagon, with former National Party Chairman Don Fowler telling her that the exposed Republican fracture “doesn’t yet necessarily portend broad Democratic comebacks.”

Of course that’s what Fowler is going to say. After all, when your party is effectively running the show, there’s no reason to rock the boat.



1. sic haters - July 16, 2007

oh sure it is all about you sic willie. you slef important piece of shit. you had nothing to do with this atory and you know it you lying bastard.

2. Lazy i - July 16, 2007

A little self loathing there, eh SH? I think it’s called projecting.

3. FITSNews - July 16, 2007

Sic Haters,

We thought you were boycotting? WTF?

Did the Chernoff-Newman PR team threaten to void your contract unless you kept posting negative comments?

Whatever the case, we’re happy to have you back.


4. Anon - July 16, 2007

Beware the dangers of “slef” importance.

5. sic haters - July 16, 2007

you are all “sicwilliephants” — pharisees! do you believe even for one minute he had anything to do with this socalled article getting written? you are all just as dumb as he is then. myslef and many others like me are boycotting this pathetic excuse for a website but this article was sent to us by a real grsasroots group choose children first and we were ASKED to comment. unlike you no one here is paid so stop lying sic willie. you are truly pathetic.

6. The Boss - July 16, 2007

slef love is the first step to true happiness.

7. brainwashed - July 16, 2007

sicwilliephants. love it.

8. Gillon - July 16, 2007

The key phrase here is, in reference to GOP leaders, “the vast majority of whom have abandoned their party’s core beliefs in the pursuit of more pork and more personal power.” The key point is that the vast majority of these people never had any personal “core beliefs,” ideologies, or anything else other than the desire to be elected and stay in power while at the same time stroking their egos and enriching themselves and their supporters. They ran as Republicans because it was convenient, popular, fashionable, and because it made them more easily electable. All you have is SC “Good Ole Boy ” wine in new bottles.

9. FITSNews - July 16, 2007


Well God bless those “Choose Children First” folks, then. They may have the most oxymoronic group in state history, but at least they dragged you out of your FITS boycott!


P.S. – We missed you, dumplin’.

10. Dan - July 16, 2007


I agree with your posts on the unbridled spending by this legislature. God knows I served with the drunken sailors for 12 years. Won’t defend them–wouldn’t be prudent — as another drunken sailor once said.

That said, i find it amazing that Democrats like Valerie are such quick converts to fiscal discipline–especially when they get to beat up on GOP.

Keep up the good work.

11. one more time - July 16, 2007

sic haters
Tell us more about this…

12. terri - July 16, 2007

Mark Sanford and Katon Dawson ought to be run out of the republican party. They have exchanged our values for money in their pockets and glory.

But that will never happen…as the average republican male lost his nuts a long time ago. So now, we just take it, and sometimes whine about it…but mostly just lower our heads and take it like the punks we have become.

13. Top Posts « WordPress.com - July 16, 2007

[…] Wall Street Journal Article Takes A Page From Our Book [image] SCHISMS, SCANDALS AND EXCESSIVE SPENDING RIPPING APART REPUBLICANS’ “SOUTHERN […] […]

14. Newspaper Hack - July 16, 2007

I think that most Democrats feel the same way as cynical gangland cops – let those poor fools keep shooting each other. Less of ’em for us to have to deal with.

15. G.L. - July 16, 2007

Will, can you get us a link where we don’t have to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal to read the article?

16. FITSNews - July 16, 2007

G.L. –

You guys have heard of the Wall Street Journal up in Anderson?

In all seriousness, we wish we were cool enough to pierce the corporate veil of the Dow Jones Corporation’s family of websites (and provide you with said technology), but alas we lack a Wall Street Journal subscription ourselves.

We only found out about the article because some chick with a crush on Sic Willie forwarded it to us. Along with some panties. And a couple of polaroids we’d rather not talk about.

Anyway, if you go to our “Contact” page and send Sic Willie an e-mail, he might be able to tell you where to find it.


P.S. – Just please don’t attach any polaroids yourself to the e-mail.

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